November 2019 Recap: The Top 10 Most-Viewed Blog Posts

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Posted on: 12/02/19
Written by: PSMJ Resources, Inc.


With all of the architecture and engineering industry-related content published on this blog in November 2019, it's easy to let some important articles slip through the cracks, and get lost in the clutter. In an effort to keep you up-to-date on the hottest topics, PSMJ has compiled a list of our top ten most-viewed blog posts from last month.

10.  Are You Making This Common M&A Mistake? Once the merger or acquisition has closed, there can be a temptation to breathe a sigh of relief that you finally crossed the finish line. The negotiations and due diligence and last minute scramble to get all of the transaction documents in order is now
all behind you. But, of course, the reality is that the hard work is just beginning!

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9. Can Scope Creep Be a Good Thing? – Scope creep is a good thing. That may sound counter intuitive, but it’s the truth—at least in some cases. The traditional view of project management, the way we teach it in colleges and universities around the world, tells us that scope creep is a risk at best. At worst it will cause your project to fail miserably. 

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8. How to Make the Best Valuation of Your Firm  –  Small architecture and engineering firms owners are likely to be fielding offers again. So if you've been thinking of cashing in, it may be a good time to get a valuation. Also, beware of lowball offers.  

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7. Recent A/E/C Mergers and Acquisitions Making Headlines Here’s a recap of some of the latest A/E/C mergers and acquisitions that have been announced in recent weeks. 

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6. PSMJ Research Shows Continued Cooling on Key A/E/C Markets  – Despite 2019 bringing architecture and engineering (A/E) firms some of the most robust market demand in years, they may not be so lucky in 2020. PSMJ’s latest Quarterly Market Forecast (QMF) report shows some of the slowest proposal activity in more than 10 years in key client markets.

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5. Big Strategic Goals Need Solid Strategic Plans Sound business and growth strategy starts with a sound strategic plan.  With this being the season for strategic planning, we’ve got some tips for getting it right before you go jumping head-first into any major investment or growth initiative.  So many strategic planning sessions go badly due to poor organization and meetings that veer off of the agenda.   

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4. 20 Ways to Overcome Project Problems – No matter how carefully you plan your project and protect yourself against the possibilities of trouble, problems will arise. You will fall behind schedule, or you will run over budget. 

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3. Intellectual Property Rights: What Architects Need to Know – Architectural ideas are intellectual property just as much as a novel is the intellectual property of its author. In fact, one of Congress’s most important responsibilities is “to promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries,” as stated in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. 

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2. Ten Characteristics of A Good Schedule – Is it really critical that an architecture or engineering project manager have a project schedule? Most clients and design firms will probably answer the question with “You must be kidding! Of course, you need a schedule, and a good one at that.

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1. 10 Ways Your Firm Can Benefit from a Strategic Alliance– Forming a strategic alliance isn’t a walk in the park, but when it’s planned correctly and the parties commit the right level of leadership and resources, you can win work that was previously out of reach.

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Thank you contributing to the growth of the PSMJ A/E/C Pulse blog in November 2019! For an archived list of our past blog posts, click HERE. We look forward to continuing to bring you powerful tips and top news from the A/E/C industry.  

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