From PSMJ's Industry Summit: Supercharge Your Teams With Smarter Assignments

Mike Phillips
Posted on: 06/10/16
Written by: Mike Phillips

Here, we present the third in a series of blog posts that samples the best of the A/E/C Industry Summit breakout sessions and keynote presentations—with clickable links to professionally produced video of each session.

Breakout Session: Supercharge Your Teams With Smarter Assignments 

By Mike Phillips AIA / President & Founder - Phillips Architecture



The latest strategies on creating high performance teams by aligning role with ability to improve performance.

If there is one problem that our A/E industry shares with the other white-collar service professions, it is that we often do not optimize our most important asset: our people. While we have a sense of what to do intuitively, we often lack the specialized tools and processes to put our people into their optimum roles, or give them the most productive feedback, training and support.

The good news is that a recent set of studies and surveys show that while most managers do not think that current processes and approaches to improving performance of teams are very effective, they still think that approaches that are customized to the specific skill-set of each team member are best. In Supercharge Your Teams With Smarter Assignments, Mike provides a summary of the latest strategies on creating high performance teams by aligning role with ability to improve performance.

This seminar presents a number of specialized approaches to enhance job satisfaction by letting (and helping) each person do what they naturally do best, including:

  1. Identifying the four major skillsets in the A/E industry

  2. Identifying each person’s skillset

  3. Setting assignments by skillset

  4. Setting training by skillset

Speaker bio: Mike Phillips AIA, is the president and founder of Phillips Architecture PA, a 26-year-old multidisciplinary design firm in Raleigh, NC. Phillips Architecture has been awarded the “Leading by Example” Premier Award for Client Satisfaction, Best Architectural Workplace and Best Collaborative Firm awards and was named to the PSMJ Circle of Excellence. A registered architect, Phillips has incorporated his more than 30 years of architectural experience into the development of a customized method of collecting and incorporating feedback to benefit architectural and engineering firms and their clients. Phillips will also be a speaker at  Thrive 2016 – The A/E/C Industry Summit. 

Click here to watch the video of Mike’s session: Supercharge Your Teams With Smarter Assignments

AEC_INDUSTRY-SUMMIT_2016_FULL-PAGE-ANNOUNCEMENT_FINAL8090.jpgWe hope you find this presentation informative, and that you walk away with more than a few good tips. Most of all, we hope it makes you eager for the extraordinary content we have planned for our upcoming Thrive 2016 – The A/E/C Industry Summit, to be held in Nashville on October 12-14, 2016. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in Nashville for two powerful days with the world’s most successful and influential A/E/C visionaries!


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