From PSMJ's A/E/C Industry Summit: Cracking The Millennial Code

J. Tim Griffin, P.E., MBA, LEED AP
Posted on: 04/18/16
Written by: J. Tim Griffin, P.E., MBA, LEED AP

Here, we present the second in a series of blog posts that samples the best of the A/E/C Industry Summit breakout sessions and keynote presentations—with clickable links to professionally produced video of each session.

Breakout Session: Cracking The Millennial Code: Unleashing The Power Of Today’s Generation Of Young Professionals

IMG_6176-515054-edited.jpgBy Tim Griffin, P.E., CEM, LEED AP / Branch Manager - RMF Engineering

We’re not here to talk about “Working” with Millennials; we’re talking about “Winning” with them.

Summary: So who are these so-called ”Millennials”? What makes them tick? Are they really as bad as what we hear? Is there any hope for our design industry moving forward? While we all hear design firm leaders across the country complain about today’s generation, there is also a handful of company leaders who are recognizing their value and harnessing their energy. As a result, their firms are growing faster than the industry as a whole, while also experiencing stellar financial returns on their investment.

In Cracking The Millennial Code: Unleashing The Power Of Today’s Generation Of Young Professionals, Tim not only provides practical strategies to attract the best and brightest millennials to your design firm, but also presents  a clear picture of how the generation now entering the workforce thinks, acts, and lives. He explores some of the issues that have shaped their thinking, and how firms cannot leverage this generation to maximize firm success. Topics covered include:

  • What are Millennials?

  • Environmental influences on Millennials

  • Defining characteristics of Millennials

  • How to build a performance-driven culture around your Millennials

Speaker bio:  As a PSMJ consultant, Tim Griffin has published numerous management articles and trained hundreds of design firm principals across North America in best business practices. He also authored the best-selling book Winning With Millennials: Attracting, Retaining, and Empowering the Next Generation of Design Firm Professional. Tim is a Partner and Branch Manager with RMF Engineering, Inc., an engineering consulting firm that works internationally. He is a registered professional engineer and certified energy manager with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from North Carolina State University, and a master’s degree in business administration from Colorado State University.

Click here to watch the video of Tim’s session Cracking The Millennial Code: Unleashing The Power Of Today’s Generation Of Young Professionals

nashvilleMoon-1-872226-edited.jpgWe hope you find this presentation informative, and that you walk away with more than a few good tips. Most of all, we hope it makes you eager for the extraordinary content we have planned for our upcoming Thrive 2016 – The A/E/C Industry Summit, to be held in Nashville on October 12-14, 2016. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in Nashville for two powerful days with the world’s most successful and influential A/E/C visionaries!

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