What does the winning firm receive?

BBW Logo

Besides recognition as one of the most community-focused organizations in the entire A/E/C industry? We also shower the winning firm with media mentions and PR visibility to let the world know you’ve won! This includes:

  1. An award logo to use on your website, emails, job board postings (LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc) stationary, and anywhere else you wish to place it!
  2. Recognition as an award winner at PSMJ’s A/E/C THRIVE conference.
  3. Social media postings on all PSMJ channels, with exposure to hundreds of thousands of A/E/C professionals (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  4. Press visibility through announcements via PSMJ’s press release that goes out to media outlets around the world.
  5. A trophy to display proudly in your office.