Entering to Win PSMJ’s AEC Employer of Choice® Award is Easy

Step 1: Forward our online survey link to your employees. Once you enter, we send you a link to a confidential and anonymous online Employee Engagement Survey. Simply forward to all employees with a brief explanation (we’ll provide sample language you can custom-tailor).

The Employee Engagement Survey is easy, with all questions in a Likert Scale (e.g. strongly agree, somewhat agree, etc.) format and focusing on the employee’s interactions with senior leadership, the firm’s perceived culture, and expectations. See sample questions here. Giving employees a deadline of one week to complete the survey, and sending them a reminder email one day before your deadline, is proven to enhance participation.

Step 2: PSMJ Data Collection and Analysis. We tally all survey results and benchmark yours with those of the other AEC firms in our database, so you can see how you compare on each of 70 different employee engagement factors.

Step 3: See Where You Rank. Regardless of whether or not your firm is selected as a winner, you benefit from a confidential, and custom Executive Summary Report on your employee responses, loaded with action-oriented data revealing where you’re nailing it…and where you’ve got work to do, if you want to attract top talent and keep them engaged.

Need more help figuring out what to do with the data? PSMJ's AEC industry experts offer a full suite of services to help you get from data to action to results.

2024 AEC Employer of Choice award entries have closed. Stay tuned for details for the 2025 award. 





Who is eligible?

To be eligible for entry, your firm must derive more than 50% of revenue from professional services in the areas of architecture, engineering, construction, or related industries (including planning, environmental consulting, interior design, and others). Your firm must also have been in business for more than one year at the time of entry and have more than 10 employees (not including temporary employees, independent contractors, consultants, interns, and volunteers) at the time of entry. If you are unsure whether your firm may be eligible, contact us at customerservice@psmj.com.

When is the deadline to enter?

You can enter the contest any time before May 10th, 2024 at 11:59 EDT. By this date, you simply need to have paid the entry fee to start the process. Then, within 3-5 business days of your entry, we’ll send you the survey link for you to send out to all of your employees.

All survey responses from your employees must be submitted by June 9th, 2024.