Is Your Firm's Comp Strategy Dialed In... Or Out of Step?  

This 5-part LIVE online master class, based on tested practices and fresh A/E/C compensation data,  teaches CEOs, CFOs, HR Managers, Principals,  Directors, Branch Office Managers, and others proven strategies to attract the best talent, control payroll creep, motivate high performance, and sustain strong profit margins in ANY economy. Compensation is probably your largest expense... do you have it right?


Align Your Comp Strategy With New Realities

Still using pre-COVID-19 metrics to set pay scales, incentives, and bonuses? Learn how to make smarter decisions when faced with a raise request, a pay demand, or a new-hire negotiating play. Register now for this 5-part LIVE online program just for A/E/C leaders and get data-driven, proven, action-oriented tactics that put YOU in control of compensation conversations. You learn: 

  1. Millennials' compensation expectations that might shock you, and how how to respond effectively
  2. The right and wrong ways to answer when an hourly employee asks for a raise
  3. How to establish and award incentive comp that isn't tied to specific metrics
  4. The 4 critical factors you must use to guide every salary offer
  5. Tools for assessing gender pay disparity at your firm
  6. The 5 key elements of a great management compensation policy that controls costs AND drives top performance
  7. How to keep difficult conversations about pay raise decisions on track and productive

Register for this master class and get:

  1. 7.5 hours of live online training, conducted by an A/E/C compensation expert in convenient 90-minute classes, that incorporates YOUR FIRM'S COMPENSATION DATA, PLUS
  2. Two Excel-based compensation benchmarking tools loaded with PSMJ's latest compensation survey data (a $798 value), PLUS
  3. Up to two hours of one-on-one phone and email support for up to 12 months (a $1,000 value), PLUS
  4. On-demand access to all session recordings for 30 days (PRICELESS!)


What's a Live Online Master Class?

PSMJ Online Master Classes are Internet-enabled distance-learning training programs that help you overcome key A/E/C management challenges and make smarter decisions. 

You enjoy a live, full-featured multi-media presentation and the ability to get questions answered immediately by your expert presenter. 

You can also download PSMJ's Salary Equity Benchmarking tools and other resources included with your registration.

To participate in this Live Online Master Class, you only need Internet access and speakers or headphones. No special software, hardware, or applications are required.



The Big Picture: A/E/C Compensation Challenges—and Where Opportunities Lie

Paying Non-Exempt Staff: Reduce Turnover and Disruptions with a Savvy Structure

Base Salaries for Exempt Technical and Design Staff: Win the War for Highly Trained Professionals

Base Salaries for Managers: Make Sure Executive Comp Justifies the Expense!

Incentive Compensation: Supercharge Your Bonus Plan Effectiveness

Each online master class session is built using 2020 A/E compensation data pulled from PSMJ's new industry-leading surveys. You learn how to compensate everyone in your firm using rock-solid market intelligence.


Still on the fence?

This online master class is guaranteed to move the needle at your firm—or your money back. This class means business—better business performance for your firm.  If this program, the skills, or the tools you acquire don’t make a positive impact on the way you compensate employees, designers, engineers, managers and executives, and increase your firm’s revenue and profitability—we’ll refund your fee or arrange for you to attend another PSMJ program at no cost. You take no risk!