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Navigating Your A/E/C Firm Through The COVID-19 Crisis

"Unprecedented times" is a huge understatement. The greatest economic boom period in history has come to a screeching halt.  A/E/C firm leaders now face uncertainties about..

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8 Tips For Making Your Strategic Planning Meeting A Success

People who think of “plan” as a noun tend to write a nice neat document, tuck it into a three-ring binder, and let it gather dust on a bookshelf while they make their day-to-day..

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Recent A/E/C Mergers and Acquisitions in the News

  Here’s a recap of some of the latest A/E/C mergers and acquisitions that have been announced in recent weeks. March 4, 2020 – Landscape architecture and urban design firm..

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Is a Merger or Acquisition The Next Project On Your To-Do List?

  We’ve all seen the television programs on HGTV, online, or in many other places these days. They make it look so simple! Just run down to your local home center, load up the..

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Data Dive: Best Practices in Strategic Planning for A/E Firms

In the just-released A/E Strategic Planning Study: Best Practices in Strategic Planning for A/E Firms, PSMJ presents the results of a study recently conducted with 184..

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February 2020 Recap: The Top 10 Most-Viewed Blog Posts

There was a lot of architecture and engineering industry-related content published on this blog in February 2020,and so it's easy for some important articles to slip through the..

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Essential Qualities of a Successful Multiple Office Firm

Being a successful multi-office architecture or engineering firm is different than simply having multiple offices.  Whether it is because of a merger or acquisition, or the need..

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