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If yours is like most A/E/C firms, you open a branch office with the best of intentions.

Perhaps a key employee is relocating and you don’t want to lose this top performer. Maybe a great client has promised more work if you could just get “boots on the ground” in a specific location. Or, you may be struggling with getting new projects in a hot market because you don’t have a physical address there.

Sound familiar? Whatever the reason for opening the branch office, the story ends the same way for too many A/E/C firms after a few short years. Mediocre financial performance, not enough new work coming in the door, internal friction regarding resource allocation, etc.

According to PSMJ research, nearly HALF of all branch offices closures are tied to either not enough work coming in the door or poor internal communication and coordination.

Believe it or not, both of these problems are completely avoidable! You invest a lot of time and money to get a new office launched (whether through an acquisition or an organic build) and closing it means walking away from a big investment, stunted growth opportunities, lost talent, and possibly a frustrated client or two. So, rather than take the plunge a close it, you let it limp along hoping that the problem will eventually fix itself.

Past Attendee Reviews

"Challenging topic presented in a very objective and thought provoking way."
— David Alter, Vice President, Ensign Engineering

"Excellent primer on key business concepts and issues facing A/E firms today."
— Jason Groneck, Principal, GBBN Architects

"Outstanding! Not only did it get me thinking about how to improve branch office performance, it made me think about ways to improve our overall structure."
— Brian Judd, Principal, Placeworks

"Excellent seminar, lots of information on branch offices and growth."
— Timothy Hall, President, RSA engineering Inc.

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Bill Hinsley

William Hinsley

Senior Consultant

Bill Hinsley

William Hinsley

Senior Consultant

Bill brings more than 14 years of hands-on A/E/C industry experience that includes serving as an Associate Vice President with ARCADIS and other global multi-office design firms. His leadership and management experience includes working across regions and offices on projects ranging from $1 million to $11 Billion. Having opened his own branch office—and experiencing both the thrill and terror of being employee #1 in a new state—Bill knows what’s required to make a successful transition to a new market or geographical area.