Critical topics you'll cover with colleagues, and your expert facilitator, in this interactive and engaging two-day program:

DAY ONE: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Branch Office Success and Failure Factors

  • Common mistakes that cause branch office failure (and how to avoid them)
  • Unlock 2020 market trend data to select future branch office locations with confidence
  • Compensation benchmarking data for branch office managers

Right (and Wrong) Ways to Open a Branch Office

  • Cold start versus acquisition—what works when?
  • Taking M&A integration from spreadsheet to action plan implementation
  • Dangerous blind spots that doom branch office launches

Create One Culture Across All Offices
To Maximize Value

  • The best ways to get company DNA into a branch office
  • Early warning signs of cultural mismatch between offices—and how to fix it
  • How high-performance firms share resources and work across offices

Make Your Culture Match Your Metrics

  • Why you shouldn’t allocate corporate overhead to branch offices
  • Why treating offices as profit centers kills cooperation (and how to change to a cost center model)
  • Data points to gather and assess when choosing branch office managers

DAY TWO: 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM


Unleash the Marketing Power of Your Branch Office

  • How to avoid dueling offices chasing the same opportunity (it’s more common than you may think!)
  • Build institutionalized client relationships across offices
  • The differences between a branch office leader and a branch office manager

Improve Project Delivery in a Multi-Office Environment

  • How to staff projects to ensure maximum resource utilization and profitability
  • The best ways to access to BIM and other documentation tools across offices
  • Common branch office communication mistakes and how to avoid them

Closing Down A Branch Office

  • How to know when to close an office versus when to stay the course
  • How to close an office without losing key clients or employees
  • How to use strategic alliances to fill a gap after an office is closed