2022 A/E Compensation Survey Shows Significantly Different Increases for Staff and Management Positions

Gregory Hart
Posted on: 06/17/22
Written by: Gregory Hart

PSMJ’s A/E Compensation Benchmark Suite data reveals huge pay and bonus bumps for key architecture and engineering firm professionals, but it all depends on what you do and how long you’ve been doing it. .


JUNE 16, 2022 (NEWTON, MA)— Record-setting inflation and robust demand for architecture and engineering (A/E) services are driving up base salary and bonus increases in 2022, according to data in the just-released 2022 A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite from PSMJ Resources. But the raises aren’t uniform, and employers in this space are hedging their bets when chasing scarce and pricey talent.

“The biggest pay bumps are going to those with less than 5 years of experience in the A/E industry, which points to ongoing entry-level retention challenges for many firms” says PSMJ Principal and Senior Data Analyst David Burstein, P.E. “This is creating salary compression that will have a ripple effect for many years to come.”

Burstein’s analysis comes from data found in PSMJ’s just-launched 2022 A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite, the online portal for architecture and engineering firm executives and HR leaders charged with balancing the need to find and keep skilled employees with hitting financial performance targets. This new tool incorporates compensation survey responses from 267 architecture and engineering firms and reflects the pay of thousands of individual employees and managers. Representing the most current salary, bonus, and total compensation for 18 A/E management titles and 66 A/E staff positions, the portal allows users to break down data within peer groups reflecting different firm sizes, geographic area, types of services, and types of client.

“The biggest pay spikes are for interior designers, which may be a result of intensive work in this area due to post-COVID office space repurposing,” Burstein continued. “The next largest increases are for structural engineers. In management roles, we’re seeing large increases for business development, HR, and Director of BIM Services roles. The latter is enjoying combined pay and bonus increases 120% larger than last year’s.”

“A really interesting finding is that A/E firms are hedging their bets by going larger on bonuses and smaller on raises, indicating a concern with being permanently locked in to higher compensation expenses. This points to uncertainty about continued business growth in certain market sectors.”

PSMJ’s A/E Compensation Benchmarking Suite provides users with multiple data sets and decision-making resources, including the 2022 A/E Management Compensation Benchmarking Survey Report, the 2022 A/E Staff Compensation Benchmarking Survey Report, Excel-based comparison tools, and A/E temp, contractor, and intern compensation survey data. To learn more visit www.PSMJ.com/CompSuite.

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