A/E Bonus & Benefit Plans
Benchmark Tool

Publisher: PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Date Published: 2021

Format: Excel

Price: $499


For previous versions of this tool contact Diane at dconstantine@psmj.com or call (617) 965-0055.

The PSMJ A/E Bonus & Benefit Plans Tool includes the following metrics by firm size, firm type, and client type:

  • COVID-19’s Impact on
    • Bonuses
    • Firms’ Medical Insurance Contributions
    • Firms’ Retirement Contributions
    • Turnover
  • Percentage of Firms Offering the Following Types of Bonuses
    • Performance Bonus
    • Project Bonus
    • Spot Incentive Bonus
    • Professional Registration Bonus
    • Years of Service Bonus
    • Signing Bonus
    • Rising-Star Bonus
    • Referral Bonus
    • New Client Bonus
    • Holiday or Company-Wide Bonus (Not Related to Performance)
    • Life Events Bonus
    • Wellness Bonus
    • Owner Distributions/Dividends
    • Profit Sharing (Cash, Not Retirement)
  • Percentage of Firms that Have Separate Categories for Vacation & Sick Time
  • Percentage of Firms that Have One Category for Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Jury Duty Paid Days
  • Maternity Leave Days Allowed for Unpaid Leave
  • Paid Maternity Leave Days
  • Office Hours per Week
  • Percentage of Firms that Provide Flexible Hours
  • Percentage of Firms that Have Employees Who Regularly Work from Home
  • Percentage of Firms that Pay Compensatory Time in Lieu of Overtime
  • Percentage of Firms that Offer Tuition Reimbursement/Assistance
  • Percentage of Firms that Say Salary Increases Are Expected/Given Regularly
  • Percentage of Firms that Base Salary Increases on Performance Only
  • Percentage of Firms that Tailor Benefits Generationally
  • Retirement Contribution: Firm Matches up to this % of Employee's Contribution
  • Percentage of Firms that Say the Majority of New Hires Leave Before 3 Years
  • Percentage of Firms that Say the Majority of New Hires Leave Before 5 Years
  • Percentage of Firms That Expect Working from Home to be Part of Their Firm's Future, Post-COVID



Bonus Benefits Cover 2021-1