Reasons to Connect With Your Peers Via Online Forums

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Posted on: 04/09/18
Written by: PSMJ Resources, Inc.

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Wouldn't it be great if you had a network of thousands of A/E firm leaders from all corners of the industry just a click away for any challenge that comes your way? What if one question got you two, ten, or even twenty action-oriented answers?

Instant Access to Thousands of A/E Firm Leaders...Gets You an Answer or Two.

The PSMJ Discussion Forum 
is a great way to ask a question of your colleagues, comment on industry trends, and help other leaders who are facing the same A/E challenges. But there is only one way to hear about what other firms are doing when it comes to handling travel expenses, a Microsoft Audit, bonuses, and more. You have to be a subscriber to the PSMJ Newsletter.

For example, this winter, one PSMJ subscriber asked:

How do you handle snow days with staff?  Are they charged as personal days, vacation days, or just absorbed by the company?

From: Terri
If the whole entire city is shut down, the company has absorbed those days as extra PTO time...but that is definitely a rarity.

From: Michael
We have added a category to our time tracking program to cover issues such as snow days. We call it "Unscheduled Office Closing." These hours or days are approved by management of the company as an event approaches and the employees that are affected are notified by email, text, etc.

From: James
We award Discretionary Leave on an annual basis that can be used for any purpose, but we are also very flexible allowing people to work from home if possible or make up the time. Our policy provides for additional paid time off on official snow days.

From: Kevin
We do allow and encourage morning time off if it snows 8” or more to go skiing. Plan your meetings for the afternoon when snow is in the forecast. This flex time is usually made up during the same pay period, or PTO if not. As far as shutting down, has not actually happened that I am aware of.

And the list goes on...with dozens of responses for this subscriber to develop a snow day policy that is plugged in to what other A/E firms are doing right now on this issue. 

Instant answers and powerful perspective to keep your firm competitive in today's marketplace.

The PSMJ Discussion Forum is just one of many exclusive benefits that you get as a PSMJ subscriber.  But, this one benefit alone makes your subscription pay for itself many times over! 









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