The Ultimate A/E/C Business Development Manual

Publisher: PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Date Published: 2016

Number of Pages: 310

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The Ultimate A/E/C Business Development Manual

A/E/C business developers have a lot on their plates: Architecture, engineering, and construction firms live or die based on their backlogs. Clients continually look for more and seek to pay less. The competition is hungry and you need proven strategies to stay on top. You know your firm, but do your clients really understand what makes you the low-risk choice? You know who your prospects are, but do they know you? You know who your competitors are, but is pricing the only way to compete?

The continually developing needs of BD are why we created The Ultimate A/E/C Business Development Manual. Written by architecture, engineering, and construction BD experts for A/E/C business developers, you get must-use strategies that get results in virtually every facet of business development.

In The Ultimate A/E/C Business Development Manual, you learn that the best way to sell is not to sell at all, but to instead, focus on the needs of prospects. Bring something of value to every sales call (so, the client sees your visit as a consultation, not a sales call) and stop chasing RFPs.

PSMJ knows that the sales process is interpersonal interactions. We offer the steps that will allow you to optimize every one-on-one meeting, each networking event, and all relationship building opportunities. Moreover, we give you the tools to ensure execution of your plan, accountability, and responsibility.

Straight from PSMJ’s extensive network of business development experts, you learn best practices in the following:

  1. Write Winning Proposals and Present Powerful Presentations
  2. Develop a Actionable Business Development Plan
  3. Build Relationships That Lead to Projects
  4. Chase Less, Win More
  5. Win and Retain Clients by Thinking Like Them
  6. Provide Vision and Leadership
  7. Marketing: Differentiate and Brand Your Firm