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Knowing you have to maintain a healthy backlog, sustain profitability, and keep top talent engaged is the first step towards being an invaluable A/E/C principal. 

But EXECUTING these and other mission-critical tasks is what separates “real deal” principals advancing their careers and their firm's success from those who struggle to move beyond project management roles.

The best principals aren’t born knowing what do to - they develop with proven guidance and careful instruction, and by learning from those who have been where they are now. They develop by attending A/E/C Principals Bootcamp Online Master Class.  

Register now, and over 6 interactive and engaging LIVE and ONLINE sessions with industry experts and fellow A/E/C leaders, applying actual tools, templates and techniques, you learn: 

• 6 mental shifts you MUST make to become an effective principal, and how to make them
How to identify and leverage your firm's value proposition
Platinum firm success strategies for both niche and commodity markets
• How to overcome hurdles to sustainable growth
• How to apply the J-curve to smart strategic growth decisions 
• How to link high-level strategic planning objectives to action steps
• Business development strategies used by top performing A/E/C firms
• Market sectors to avoid in 2021, and which have the greatest potential coming out of the pandemic
• How to use PSMJ’s exclusive Go/No Go tool to make project pursuit decisions
The right org structure for your firm
• Metrics for improving the effectiveness of your business unit leaders
• 5 steps to increasing a PM’s contribution to both profit and client satisfaction
• Overcoming Earned Value Analysis challenges
• Seven ways to make project reviews drive measurable improvements
• How to drive greater profits by combining your utilization rate and direct labor multiplier
• Value pricing tactics that drive dramatic profitability improvement
• Where your project budget management stacks up against top A/E/C firms, and how to improve it
• PSMJ’s proprietary formula for calculating smarter staff compensation, bonuses, and benefits
• And so much more

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The Online Master Class That Teaches You Proven Practices of the Most Successful A/E/C Principals

This PSMJ Online Master Class is the live Internet-delivered distance-learning program that shows A/E/C principals and rising PMs how to make the critical business decisions that make or break their firm's financial future, all from the convenience of the firm's office or a home office. You get a total of 12 hours of intensive live and online instruction plus followup support, implementation tools and calculators,  and more. 

Each session features live interaction from A/E/C experts, a multi-media presentation and immediate answers to your questions, without the travel hassles and health risks currently making in-person gatherings problematic.

Stop wondering how to advance your career and boost your firm's success. Register for A/E/C Principals Bootcamp Online Master Class and over 6 LIVE sessions, learn the secrets of the most effective principals!


Adopting the "Big Picture " Traits Shared by the Most Successful A/E/C Principals

Post-COVID Strategies for Landing New Projects 

DESIGNING A STRUCTURE FOR SUCCESS: Rethink Your Firm's Org  Chart  and Put the Right People in the Right Roles

REVENUES, MARGINS, AND BUDGETS: A/E/C Financial Management Secrets for Crushing Your Profit Goals

PRINCIPAL AS COACH AND MENTOR: Maximize the Value and Productivity of Your Talent and Teams

OWNERSHIP & LEADERSHIP TRANSITION FOR PRINCIPALS: Preparing For and Managing Through Inevitable Change 


Get ALL of our proven instruction and step-by-step strategies, now delivered ONLINE in 2-hour modules in the convenience of your firm's office or your home office. Perfect for firm principals and rising PMs practicing COVID-19 risk mitigation.

You Get: 

  • 12 hours of live online training:
             Conducted by the same industry experts who have helped hundreds of A/E/C principals transform their careers and boost their firms' finances.
  • The A/E/C Principals Bootcamp Workbook:  Over 600 pages packed with every slide you'll use in the online training, perfect for keeping your MUST-DO initiatives on track long after your last course is complete (a $197 value)
  • A/E/C Principals Bootcamp Digital Toolbox: You get exclusive access to a suite of , apps, tools, templates, checklists, and more to multiply the value of your Online Master Class experience (a $695 value):

• PlanTrax 4.6 Management Application

• Business Plan Template
• Cash Flow Model for New Employees
• Multiplier Template
• Staff Salary Benchmarking Tool
• Project Manager Survey Results
• A/E/C Strategic Planning Survey Results

  • Ongoing Implementation Support: You get two hours of one-on-one email and phone support with
          PSMJ experts, available for a full year after your last Master Class session!

This online master class shows you exactly how to become an even more effective A/E/C firm principal - the kind that drives more profitable projects, keeps backlogs full, inspires and energizes talented employees, and so much more. We’re so confident this course will help you – as it has thousands of other A/E/C principals and rising project managers, we will refund your fee or arrange for you to attend another PSMJ program at no cost if you aren't delighted. You take no risk!