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An interactive and hands-on meeting of A/E/C Senior Executives using the latest M&A trends, transaction data, and case studies to guarantee your M&A success.

In mergers and acquisitions (whether you are buying or selling), it is easy to make a million-dollar mistake. Ever wish there were a place where you could get the latest insight on how deals are coming together, hear war stories of what to watch out for, and get the tools and tips you need for M&A success?

More than just a seminar, this Roundtable was designed to ensure that we give you an equal mix of learning and doing. With plenty of case studies, exercises, and examples of valuation and deal structures on real M&A deals, you’ll see why this program always fills up quickly.

Whether you are on the buying side or the selling side, entering into a merger or acquisition can be a very risky bet. Even a seemingly small oversight or error in judgement can lead to a million-dollar mistake. Here just a few mistakes firm leaders have made that cost their firms dearly because they did not attend this program.

  1. Paid 2x fair market value for an acquisition because the buyer was using a flawed valuation formula
  2. Structured an earnout that was so complicated only a judge could figure it out (and, unfortunately, she did!)
  3. Lost a key rainmaker because of poorly-timed and sloppy transaction announcements to staff
  4. Missed a great acquisition because one shareholder thought "all deals are bad deals"
  5. Only pursued companies that were actively for sale because "they were the easiest to close"
  6. Had to dump money into the acquisition to fund operations because the buyer missed serious problems in due diligence
  7. Got focused on selling for the highest price that the seller agreed to lousy terms that netted lower after-tax proceeds

Every ounce of our A/E/C Mergers & Acquisitions Roundtable is driven by proven experience and the latest strategies for structuring win-win transactions… from finding the right fit all the way through to implementing a successful integration strategy.

9 Unique Benefits of This Roundtable

  1. See real examples of actual transactions happening right now
  2. Get critical benchmarking data to isolate your M&A vulnerabilities
  3. Ask specific questions to get specific answers to your M&A challenges
  4. Learn exactly what you should (and shouldn’t) say when someone approaches you to buy your firm
  5. Get practice with actual valuation and deal structuring exercises
  6. Pick up proven strategies for keeping the best staff after the transaction
  7. Learn 15 negotiation strategies that you can actually use
  8. Solve the critical details that you may be neglecting in your M&A strategy
  9. Put the power of PSMJ’s 23-point Critical Issues Checklist to work for you
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