Critical topics you cover with colleagues and your expert facilitator in this interactive and engaging two-day program:

DAY ONE: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


What Every A/E/C Firm Leader Must Understand About Mergers and Acquisitions Post-COVID

  • How changing market conditions are impacting transactions
  • What buyers REALLY look for in a seller
  • How sellers can negotiate a more favorable valuation and deal terms, and save time

The Right (And Wrong) Ways To Find The Right Buyer Or Seller

  • Find potential buyers without letting anyone know the firm is for sale
  • How to quickly separate high-quality sellers from sinking ships
  • When to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and terms to watch for

You’ve Started Discussions... Now What?

  • Strategies to keep discussions moving and to avoid stalled deals
  • Key early warnings signs that it just isn’t going to work
  • How to move from discussions to negotiations to agreement

The Million-Dollar Questions On Valuation And Transaction Terms

  • Easy ways to avoid overpaying or leaving money on the table
  • Proven strategies to bridge a valuation gap…and when to walk away
  • Sharpen your skills with a hands-on valuation and negotiation exercise

Putting The Deal In Writing

  • When is the time right to draft a Letter of Intent (LOI)?
  • See examples of actual LOIs and what goes into them
  • What should be binding and what should be non-binding in an LOI?

DAY TWO: 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM


How To Know Exactly What You Are Buying

  • The biggest blind spot in due diligence…and how to avoid it
  • How to deal with problems that are discovered in due diligence
  • How to keep running your business when a buyer is conducting due-diligence

Closing The Transaction

  • Why deals fall apart after the LOI and how to avoid this failure
  • See what goes into getting the deal closed and what can’t be missed
  • How to make the big announcement to clients and employees

Life After The Transaction: Turning Plans Into Results

  • Real examples of successful and comprehensive acquisition integration plans
  • Who should be involved in the process, and when