How to Align Your Recruiting Strategy with Today's Talent Market

PSMJ Resources, Inc.
Posted on: 03/11/19
Written by: PSMJ Resources, Inc.


In a robust economy, filling open architecture and engineering positions with top-level talent is a challenge. A smaller pool of rock-star designers, project managers, and specialists, along with increased turnover (Millennials define loyalty as just 18 months at one job.), has HR professionals and firm principals scrambling. And with industry powerhouses snatching up increasingly rare gems, one thing is clear:  The A/E/C recruiting landscape is changing rapidly. To succeed, your strategy must as well.


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Is your recruiting strategy aligned with the current talent market?
A/E/C firm principals taking a smart-growth approach to leveraging currently favorable economic conditions need to hire the most productive designers, engineers and technicians. But the collision of market forces and changing employer-employee relationships creates significant challenges and renders both traditional and fairly recent strategies obsolete.  Here are some new strategies to consider to help your firm to find, attract, and retain top talent in today's competitive marketplace.

  • Turn every employee into a proactive recruiter

  • Reduce recruiting costs by creating longer-term relationships with your most important employees

  • Find a successful approach to diversity and disability issues

  •  the hidden candidate traits and characteristics that reveal true leadership skills and business acumen

  • Avoid common salary and bonus benchmarking mistakes that doom staffing initiatives

  • Streamline your recruiting with an action plan linked to metrics and goals

Those who fail to incorporate the newest best-practices will fail to remain competitive for top talent and struggle to meet financial performance objectives.

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