How COE Firms Benchmark to Financial Growth

PSMJ Resources, Inc.
Posted on: 09/20/17
Written by: PSMJ Resources, Inc.

COE-Logo_FINAL_v2-200x200.jpgThe top-performing firms in the architecture and engineering industry are not only achieving greater profits (43%), but are growing their staffs exponentially (28%), and generating record setting labor utilization rates (75%).

This is what the benchmarking data garnered from the recently announced members of PSMJ's 2017 Circle of Excellence makes evident. Congratulations to 73 exceptional firms that have risen to the top this year!

Meanwhile, many firms reach their critical profitability, overhead, cash flow, productivity, business development, staff growth, and turnover goals—by consistently comparing their performance to other firms like them. They have learned to benchmark performance.

Because of top-notch business practices, and benchmarking, top-performers raise the bar—and now you can compare your firm to the best in architecture and engineering!

PSMJ's Circle of Excellence: 2017 Best Practices Benchmark Summary compiles data from the top 20% of participants in PSMJ's annual A/E Financial Performance Benchmark Survey Report—the Circle of Excellence.

This 22-page report includes data comparisons from the 10th to 90th percentiles for each of the 13 metrics used to determine the Circle of Excellence. Moreover, this exclusive group includes firms of all sizes, practice areas, and geographic locations—representing a cross section of the A/E industry today that are achieving outstanding success!


This comprehensive package offers complete benchmarking data! The 2017 A/E Financial Performance Benchmark Survey Report offers more than 100 metrics that you can benchmark against including operating profit, labor utilization, net payroll multiplier, and more. The Circle of Excellence: 2017 Best Practices Benchmark Summary provides hard-to-find data to benchmark against the best in the industry.
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