8 Links That Will Make You a Better HR Professional

PSMJ Resources, Inc.
Posted on: 04/06/16
Written by: PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Ce97K7OUsAAwrOvFrom all indications, not to mention all the Twitter activity, the 2016 A/E/C HR Summit was a huge success. Hosted by PSMJ and The Employee Engagement Group, HR professionals from leading architecture and engineering firms gathered last week in Seattle for two days of learning and networking. 

As follow up and in recognition that the role of the HR professional is becoming more strategic and more critical than ever before, we've canvassed the HR blogosphere for more tips that relate to the A/E/C industry, and found these 8 links that will make you a better HR professional: 

  • Workforce, with its index of more than 150,000 seminars and articles from Workforce magazine, is a veritable mine of HR information. 

  • HR Hero: This blog collection—all from different authors—takes on topics related to employment law.

  • WeFollow on Twitter: Tag yourself under #humanresources on Twitter to align yourself with the thousands of followers who identify themselves as part of the human resources community on Twitter.  Tweet about your day, ask a question, or make new friends.

  •  Human Resources Professionals Worldwide on LinkedIn: Often overshadowed by the much larger human resources group Linked:HR, Human Resources Professionals Worldwide on LinkedIn is a smaller community that allows more directed conversations limited to HR topics by HR professionals.

  • WorldatWork: Including articles from WorldatWork Journal and News publications, this website also has extensive information on benefits and compensation.

  • Evil HR Lady: Using real-life examples, the Evil HR Lady posts blogs with her thoughts on HR issues, answers questions, and gives advice.  The “Dear Abby” of HR.

  • Six Degrees from Dave: Authored by Dave Mendoza, known for his expertise in social networking, recruitment, and branding, this blog highlights staffing practices and HR industry leaders

  • The HR Daily Advisor: Think “Word a Day” but for HR—here, you’ll get free daily updates, news, advice, and tips on everything related to HR.

Is there a HR-related website that you can’t live without?  Let us know! 


We thank all the attendees,speakers, and sponsors for making the 2016 A/E/C HR Summit such a great success. We hope to see you in New Orleans in 2017.

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