2022 Architecture and Engineering Salaries Expected to See Largest Hike Since 2008

Gregory Hart
Posted on: 12/15/21
Written by: Gregory Hart

New PSMJ research shows that salaries are expected to climb as firms shore up efforts to attract and retain top talent.

Labor expense - the single biggest expense for architecture and engineering (A/E) firms - is set to get bigger in 2022 as firm owners and executives try to stay competitive in an increasingly tight labor market.

A December 2021 study conducted by leading A/E industry research, training, and advisory services firm PSMJ Resources, Inc. (PSMJ) found that the median expected 2022 salary increase for the architecture and engineering industry is 4.5%. Principals/Partners are seeing the lowest median increase (3.5%) while entry- and mid-level positions (Technical and Professional Staff) are seeing the highest increases (5.0%).

PSMJ tracks projected salary increases each year in its A/E Management Compensation Benchmark Survey. For comparison, PSMJ’s 2021 A/E Management Compensation Benchmark Survey Report (data collected in January/February 2021) showed an average projected salary increase for 2021 at just 3.0%. In fact, projected increases haven’t been this high since 2008 when the median expected salary increase reached 5.0%, just before the industry entered The Great Recession. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is also forecasting an average hourly wage increase of 4.5% increase in the A/E industry.

The following table summarizes the expected 2022 salary increases by job level, per PSMJ’s December 2021 study of 241 A/E executives:

Comp Table

“There are several factors driving the upward push on salaries. Of course, the basics of supply and demand as well as record-setting levels of inflation are two big ones,” stated PSMJ Director David Burstein, P.E. “The key here for A/E firm leaders is to not let this trend erode profit margins. Now that demand for A/E services is at an all-time high, firms should increase their billing rates and lump sum fees by more than they increase their labor costs.”

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