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Posted on: 07/16/21
Written by: PSMJ Resources, Inc.

July 16, 2021 (Newton, Mass.) – PSMJ Resources, Inc., the global leader in business management data and guidance for architects and engineers, announces the winners of the 2021 A/E/C Employer of Choice® Award, the industry’s premier recognition of firms that have mastered workforce retention and productivity by achieving he highest level of employee engagement.

“The race to find the best talent was hot before the pandemic and may be even hotter now,” says PSMJ Resources Director Gregory Hart, “As many employers adapt to new hybrid business models, the pressure to sustain high employee engagement is even greater. It is more difficult to maintain a firm’s core culture and driving principles in a dynamic work environment like this. But, finding and keeping the most valuable talent will always drive higher profits and higher client satisfaction. The A/E/C Employer of Choice® Award recognizes the firms that make employee engagement a core business function and commit to creating a superior culture, even when their team isn’t physically together.”

The 2021 A/E/C Employer of Choice® award winning firm, in order, are:

2. Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick (HLR)
3. Reveer Group
4. Delta Engineering Group
5. H. Hendy Associates
6. Great West Engineering
7. Sandman Structural Engineers
8. Harrington Group
9. GPI | Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.
10. Ritter Maher Architects

The A/E/C Employer of Choice® Award is based on the results of PSMJ’s 70-factor survey of nominated firms’ employees, diving deep into what they do to inspire, encourage, and engage with their architects, engineers, non-technical staff and managers. While individual responses are kept anonymous, firm executives receive a summary report to benchmark engagement gaps and employee morale against similar A/E/C organizations.

Winning firms will be recognized as 2021 A/E/C Employer of Choice® Award winners at PSMJ’s all-new in-person A/E/C TalentMAX pre-conference on September 22, 2021 taking place immediately preceding PSMJ’s flagship A/E/C THRIVE conference on September 22-24, 2021 in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. Winners also benefit from an “A/E/C Employer of Choice Winner” credentials to display in their recruiting efforts and public recognition through PSMJ’s extensive digital, print, and social media dissemination channels.



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