A.I. Meets AEC:
How to Harness Artificial Intelligence to Supercharge Your Firm

Publisher: PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Date Published: March 2024

Number of Pages: 221

Format: PDF

Price: $47



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Unlock the transformative power of artificial intelligence for your AEC firm with this must-read executive's guide!

In this groundbreaking 2024 book, industry experts reveal how to harness artificial intelligence to supercharge your projects, streamline operations, and gain a competitive edge. Discover:

• What A.I. really is (and isn't) and how it's already reshaping the AEC landscape
• Proven strategies to implement A.I. in design, project delivery, marketing, and back-office functions
• Case studies from innovative firms successfully leveraging A.I. today
• Best practices to overcome obstacles, mitigate risks, and future-proof your business
• A captivating glimpse into an A.I.-powered day in the life of an AEC professional in 2030

Whether you're an industry veteran or new to the field, this comprehensive guide demystifies A.I. and delivers actionable insights to help you:
• Boost productivity and profitability
• Make smart AEC technology investment decisions
• Avoid expensive mistakes when applying generative A.I. to projects
• Attract and retain today's top talent seeking opportunities to apply the newest tech
• Enhance client experiences and project outcomes
• Stay ahead of the technology curve

This eye-opening explanation of where we are and where we’re headed features frank insight from AEC firm chief technology officers, firm principals, technical specialists, industry consultants and thought leaders defining how architecture and engineering projects are and will be conceived, proposed, designed, executed and delivered.

Written in plain, jargon-free language, A.I. Meets AEC cuts through the chaos to inform and educate C-suite executives and other firm leaders on how A.I. and the rapid progress of new technology are redefining our industry. You get practical advice and real-world examples of how evolving technologies can help your firm capitalize on the boundless opportunities they present to increase efficiency, reduce redundancy, eliminate drudgery, deliver better work products and generally improve the way your firm and your people function.

Don't get left behind as artificial intelligence revolutionizes architecture, engineering and construction. Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to thrive in the age of A.I.