2024 A/E Artificial
Intelligence Policies


 Publisher: PSMJ Resources, Inc.

 Date Published: January 2024

 Number of Pages: 123

 Format: PDF

 Price: $97


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NEW! Actual A.I. Policies from A/E Firms!

Does your A/E firm have an artificial intelligence policy in place to control how this transformative technology can be used? If you do, are you 100% certain it covers all possible uses and protects your firm from massive liability for misuse?

The speed with which A.I. is moving into all corners of A/E practice is breathtaking, so it’s essential that you take a proactive approach to harnessing its power and limiting its risks. 

Problem is, starting from scratch, or merely hoping your existing policy incorporates the latest thinking, or using a generic policy not designed for the A/E industry, leaves you flying blind on A.I. and at risk of multitude of bad outcomes. And researching, drafting and reviewing your own A.I. policies can take weeks -- extra time you don't have!

Good news: other firms have done the heavy lifting, and now you can benefit. 

This collection of 43 actual artificial intelligence policies and guidelines used in architecture and engineering firms shows you how your peers are maximizing the benefits of A.I. while limiting the risks. Simply find the policy that aligns with your preferred approach to A.I., copy and paste the text into your internal documents, make minor edits, and you're done! Or,  mix and match parts of different sample policies until you have the perfect policy for your organization. 

Our A/E Artificial Intelligence Policies compilation helps you understand which provisions and language may be best suited for your firm’s unique situation and objectives. You get sample policies that address:

  • Access control
  • Acceptable use
  • Business etiquette
  • Bias and discrimination
  • Data security
  • Client confidentiality
  • Discreet prompting
  • Prohibited API Queries
  • Training requirements
  • Compliance and auditing schedules
  • Generative A.I. applications
  • Policy enforcement protocols
  • Data breach reporting
  • AAI usage
  • Quality assurance

And so much more! Save hours, even weeks of research with this handy assortment of A.I. policies currently in use in the architecture and engineering industry!