2023 A/E Job Descriptions:
3 Volume Set 

Publisher: PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Date Published: 2023

Number of Pages: 1541

Availability: May 2023

Format: Microsoft Word

Price: $47




Get full descriptions for over 390 A/E firm positions, from CEO to entry level,  currently used by some of the most successful architecture and engineering firms. 

Your 3-volume compilation, in convenient Microsoft Word format, is perfect for updating your internal documents and job postings. Just copy, paste, and edit! 

Download the complete list of job titles you get with this all-new 3-volume set!

As a busy  A/E professional,  it's easy to overlook a critical element of business success: keeping your firm's job descriptions, requirements, and qualifications current with changing markets, tech, and employee expectations. Inconsistent, outdated, or incomplete position descriptions can also open you up to a host of bad outcomes, from lower employee performance to confusion over responsibilities to talent flight. 

Well-crafted position descriptions, the kind you find in PSMJ's all-new 2023 A/E Job Descriptions, feed your firm’s critical recruitment efforts, set the table for training and skills development, provide the essential framework for fair evaluations and compensation, and provide objective criteria for making tough decisions. 

PSMJ's all-new 2023 A/E Job Descriptions collection is your turn-to reference for:

• Jump-starting the process of filling openings before your competition snags precious talent
• Establishing sound performance goals for everyone in your firm
• Leading your firm’s career mapping and development plans
• Pinpointing individual staff training and certification needs
• Benchmarking against the competition

Whether you know your position descriptions are ready for an overhaul or simply wish you could benchmark your position descriptions against industry norms, the process can be daunting. Where do you begin and how can you find sample position descriptions tailored to the unique nature of the A/E industry?

Look no further... PSMJ just made the process a whole lot easier. This reference guide contains hundreds of real position descriptions—over 1,500 pages of actual forms—from firms just like yours! This value-packed reference guide gets right to the point with actual position descriptions from CEO to billing specialist, and everything in between. PSMJ does the leg work for you and you won’t spend countless hours re-inventing the wheel or run the risk of using inappropriate or outdated position descriptions.