Circle of Excellence: 2022 Best Practices Benchmark Summary 

Publisher: PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Date Published: 2022

Format: PDF


Congratulations to PSMJ's 2022 Circle of Excellence firms!

19six Architects
Bassetti Architects
Beck Engineering, Inc.
Bluestone Engineering
Bolton & Menk, Inc.
Bowen Collins & Associates
Brown Engineers, LLC
Carpenter Marty Transportation
CESO, Inc.
Commonwealth Engineers, Inc.
DGR Engineering
DiPrete Engineering Associates, Inc.
dk Engineering
Eidos Architects, PC
Ensign Engineering & Land Surveying, Inc.
Forum Architecture & Interior Design, Inc.
GEC Architecture
Glotman.Simpson Consulting Engineers
Great West Engineering, Inc.
H+O Structural Engineering
Harrington Group, HGI
Hayter Engineering
InSite Engineering
Keller Associates, Inc.
Klohn Crippen Berger
Knutzen Engineering
LMDG Building Code Consultants Ltd.
LPAS, Inc.
Lumos & Associates, Inc.
M+H Architects
McKinley Architecture and Engineering
MDP Engineering Group
Morris-Berg Architects, Inc.
Mulhern & Kulp Structural Engineering, Inc.
O’Dell Engineering
Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc.
Pope Design Group
Powers Brown Architecture
Randall-Paulson Architects, Incorporated
Reveer Group, LLC
Rinker Design Associates
Robert Peccia and Associates, Inc.
Rodgers Consulting, Inc.
Rogers, Lovelock & Fritz, Inc. (dba RLF)
Rowland+Broughton Architecture and Urban Design
Sandman Structural Engineers
Shear Structural
Spicer Group
Studio E Architects
Trefz Engineering, Inc.
Triad Architects
TWM, Inc.
VLK Architects
W Partnership, Inc.
Williams Blackstock Architects, Inc.
Wood Rodgers, Inc.
ZZap Consulting Inc.


COE 2022 Best Practices cover2 (002)

Each year, PSMJ's A/E/C Circle of Excellence honors the highest performing firms in our annual A/E Financial Performance Benchmark Survey, based on a diverse set of 13 key metrics.

Rather than focus only on near-term growth rates or profit margins, which are not always the best indicators of solid financial and operating performance, the Circle of Excellence benchmark data is based on the top 20 percent of firms with the best multi-dimensional overall business performance.

Now you can get immediate access to the numbers these top-tier firms hit when you download the all-new 2022 Circle of Excellence Best Practices Benchmark
Summary Report!

If you want to set the bar high to increase profitability, attract top talent, position your firm as a more attractive buyer or seller in the M&A game, and start focusing on the metrics that really matter...your next level of success starts here!

Together, survey data on these 13 benchmarks revealed in this summary report encompass critical aspects of A/E/C  business operations including cash flow, overhead control, business development, project performance, staff utilization, and overall profitability.  In addition to the numbers, your Summary Report includes expert analysis, to help you weigh factors, examine your firm's data to make true apples-to-apples comparisons, and drive breakthrough decisions with lasting positive impact!  


An analysis of the benchmark results reported by the Circle of Excellence firms indicates superior performance across the board. Firms in this prestigious data set have...

  1. Higher direct labor multipliers generated from project operations
  2. Lower overhead rates
  3. Higher utilization of staff members on projects
  4. Faster invoice collection times for enhanced cash flow
  5. Higher growth rates in both staff size and gross revenues
  6. Lower turnover rates
  7. Higher profit margins
  8. Higher returns on overhead and working capital
  9. Higher net revenues earned for each staff member
  10. More backlog as a percentage of net revenues

Ready to start your firm on the road to achieving these best-in-class results?  You need the 2022 Circle of Excellence data at your side in your next Principals' Meeting!