Cash and Non-Cash Bonus Plans

Number of Bonus Plans
Types of Cash Bonuses
Performance Bonuses
Cash Bonus Dollar Amounts
Range of Incentive Payments as Percentage of Salary
Types of Non-Cash Bonuses

Bonus Plan Administration

Factors Used to Determine Incentive Payments
Distribution Schedules and Determining Amounts
Waiting Periods

Bonus Plan Ratings

Bonus Plan Ratings
Overall Level of Satisfaction
Fair Level of Reward to Staff
Reward Desired Employee Performance
Plan Motivates Staff
Ease of Administration
Plan Meets Firm's Overall Needs
Level of Satisfaction Analysis


HR Strategies

Overall HR Strategies
Benefits Strategies
Tailoring Benefits

Office Hours, Schedules, and Policies

Office Hours and Flexible Schedules
Working from Home
Children in the Office
Pets in the Office
Work/Life Balance
Company Spirit and Morale
Employee Feedback
Cell Phones
Monitoring/Restricting Employee Usage
Overtime Pay
Comp Time

Employee Time Off and Leave

Vacation, Sick Time, and PTO
Vacation Leave
Sick Leave
Personal Leave/Paid Time Off (PTO)
Additional Time Off for Managers
Jury Duty
Military Reserve Leave
Bereavement Leave
Maternity Leave
Paternity Leave
Family Leave

Group Insurance, Health, and Wellness

Medical/Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Short-Term Disability Insurance
Long-Term Disability Insurance
Dental Insurance
Supplemental Vision Insurance
Pet Insurance
Health and Wellness Programs

Retirement Plans

Retirement Plan Options
Vesting Periods
Employer Contributions to 401(k) Plans
Waiting Period for New Hires

Financial, Legal, and Transportation Benefits

Financial Assistance
Financial and Legal Services

Training, Education, and Leadership Benefits

Training and Development Programs and Budgets
Tuition Reimbursement/Assistance
Reimbursement for Books and Supplies
Other Educational Benefits
Leadership Policies
Management Transition Plans

Employee Performance and Salary Reviews

Employee Performance Reviews
Salary Increases and Compensation Committees
Factors Used to Determine Salary Increases

New Hire Negotiations and Relocation

New Hire Negotiations
Relocation Payment Policies
Basis for Relocation Payments
Types of Reimbursable Relocation Costs

The Impact of Turnover

Turnover Rates
Reasons for Staff Turnover
New Hire Turnover
Exit Interviews
Severance Pay


Benefit Policy Comparison Results

Superior Fringe Benefits
Competitive Fringe Benefits
Minimal Fringe Benefits

Bonus Policy Comparison Results

Highest Bonus Dollars per Staff
Staff Motivation Rated as "Very Satisfied"
Overall Bonus Plan Rated as "Very Satisfied"

Fringe Benefit Comparison Results

Highest Percentage of Group Insurance Paid by Employer

Employee Turnover Comparison Results

Lowest Turnover Rates
Highest Turnover Rates

Profitability Comparison Results

Highest Profitability Rates
Lowest Profitability Rates