Get Ready to Benchmark in 2020: PSMJ Launches 40th Survey Season

PSMJ Resources, Inc.
Posted on: 01/09/20
Written by: PSMJ Resources, Inc.

PSMJ Resources, Inc. celebrates the launch of its 40th survey season, including employee compensation benchmarking data and eligibility for the Circle of Excellence. As it has for the past four decades, PSMJ continues to fill a crucial gap in architecture and engineering benchmarking information. 



PSMJ Resources, Inc. has announced the official opening of Survey Participation 2020—when members of the architecture and engineering (A/E) community come together to play a critical role in gathering comprehensive, compelling benchmark data specific to the industry.

In addition to its two compensation surveys, PSMJ launches participation in its A/E Financial Performance Benchmark Survey to determine which firms are selected for PSMJ’s Circle of Excellence, an elite group of the industry’s most successful firms. And new this year, PSMJ issues a special call to Canadian A/E firms to participate in a Canadian edition of A/E Financial Performance Benchmarking Survey.  







Thousands of architecture and engineering firm principals will complete PSMJ’s four benchmark surveys:

  • A/E Management Compensation Survey, 38th Edition (Due February 2020)

  • A/E Staff Compensation Survey, 7th Edition (Due February 2020)

  • A/E Financial Performance Survey (U.S.), 40th Edition (Due April 2020)

  • A/E Financial Performance Survey (Canada), 1st Edition (Due April 2020)

Together, the four surveys collect key financial, compensation, and HR benchmark data for A/E firm leaders.

“PSMJ Benchmark Surveys address the specific needs of A/E industry firms,” says PSMJ Senior Principal Dave Burstein, P.E. “Participation in these surveys is an exclusive opportunity to be a part of critical research for the A/E industry in 2020,” he says.

Each survey provides participants with A/E benchmarking data for identifying gaps in processes and goal setting. “I’m a big fan of PSMJ’s surveys—and the information derived from them lets us know if we are on track or not,” says Robert E. Coons, Director of Finance, Randall-Paulson Architects.

“This is not simply competitive research,” explains Burstein. “This is a way to align architecture and engineering firm compensation and benefits structures with the market, to make smarter decisions and achieve goals.”

For more information about participating in PSMJ’s surveys, and to become eligible for the Circle of Excellence, click here:

Participate Now!


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