A/E/C THRIVE Awards & More


On the evening of Wednesday, October 2nd, before A/E/C THRIVE commences, we invite you to join us for cocktails and dinner with fellow attendees and a bit of fun with our annual trivia night (hint: you might want to study up on PSMJ’s 2019 A/E Financial Performance Benchmark Survey Report before heading to New Orleans!). There is no additional fee for this reception and dinner, but RSVP is required (guests are welcome, but an additional fee applies).


Get ready. This is going to be big - and we are doing it differently than ever before! One of the always-popular events is our awards celebration featuring Circle of Excellence, Platinum Award, Premier Award for Client Satisfaction, and A/E/C Employer of Choice Award winners. On the evening after the first full day of the conference, join us for dinner, drinks, and a toast to our 2019 award winners. And, that is just the start. Our exciting awards after-party will feature prizes, partying, and more well into the night! This celebration is included with your registration fee and RSVP is required (guests are welcome, but an additional fee applies). 

PSMJ Circle of Excellence

Circle of Excellence
Recognition as a Circle of Excellence firm is limited to the top 20% of firms participating in PSMJ’s A/E Financial Performance Benchmark Survey. Selection for this exclusive designation is based on 13 key financial and operational performance metrics. These firms really are the best of the best. Members of the Circle of Excellence receive a winner package which includes discounted registrations for all firm members in attendance. To see the complete list of members of the 2019 Circle of Excellence, click here. To learn more about the Circle of Excellence, click here.

PSMJ Platinum Award

Platinum Award
To earn the Platinum Award, an A/E/C firm must make it into the Circle of Excellence for four of the previous five years (including the current year). The ones who make the cut to win the Platinum Award display an unparalleled level of consistency and achievement across many different aspects of their business. To learn more about the Platinum Award, click here.


Premier Award for Client Satisfation

The Premier Award for Client Satisfaction
The Premier Award for Client Satisfaction recognizes a commitment to best-in-class client satisfaction. Produced in conjunction with our friends at Client Feedback Tool, the winners of this award have gone through a robust client feedback survey and risen to the top. These firms have delivered on the promise to exceed expectations and keep their clients happy. To learn more about The Premier Award for Client Satisfaction, click here.

Employer Choice Award web v2

A/E/C Employer of Choice Award
The A/E/C Employer of Choice Award is the ONLY award that proves, to one and all, that your firm is a great place to work — and use it as a talent recruiting magnet for any position. Our judging process looks beyond simple satisfaction scores to measure and recognize the most significant metric that proves you have truly satisfied employees…their level of engagement. To learn more about the A/E/C Employer of Choice Award, click here.

A/E/C Building A Better World Award

A/E/C Building a Better World Award
This award recognizes an organization in the A/E industry that has gone above and beyond to give back. It could be donating money or services to social causes and nonprofits, it could be donating time to assist in community building or rebuilding efforts, it could be a program to set aside a portion of time and profits to social causes. Of course, any efforts put towards social causes community improvement is a good investment. But, we want to hear about those that have had the biggest positive impact on the company and the community.

2019 A/E/C Building a Better World Award Winners
For 2019, three firms are recipients of a Building a Better World Award:

  • PAE Engineers
  • CERM
  • Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.

Submissions were scored by a committee on 4 criteria: Employee Engagement, Executive Engagement, Longevity of Commitment, and Overall Impact. A/E/C Building a Better World award winners demonstrated the ability of the A/E/C industry to change lives in a profoundly positive way, be it across town or on the other side of the world, and create an environment that enables employees to go above and beyond to contribute in personally meaningful ways. Congratulations to our 2019 recipients.



One of the unique aspects of this event is the chance to map out ideas and actions tailored specifically to your firm. We want you to hit the ground running when you get back to the office on Monday. To help with this, you can meet one-on-one with any of PSMJ’s speakers and experts at the event for a 50-minute meeting to discuss your challenges, your opportunities, and your plan for success. Space is very limited for these meetings before, during, and after the event. You can request a meeting during the registration process or (if space remains) onsite at A/E/C THRIVE.