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Aim your A/E/C firm's growth trajectory higher with fresh solutions to your toughest business challenges, and tools to leverage rapid change.

  • What if you could get first-hand insight on THE BOLD MOVES forward-thinking A/E/C firm leaders are making now take advantage of a coming technology revolution?
  • What if you could test your most audacious and counter-intuitive business management ideas in a confidential and non-competitive setting, getting IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK from peer A/E/C firm leaders?
  • What if you could STEP BACK from the daily demands of running your A/E/C firm TO LOOK AHEAD and re-imagine solutions to business growth obstacles, from talent shortages to project management processes to BD development strategy and so much more?

You can, but only if you reserve one of the limited spots available at PSMJ's A/E/C Senior Executive Retreat: Rethink, Refresh, & Renew Your Firm’s Success Strategy coming to the luxurious Newport Harbor Island Resort. The guidance you get and the relationships you forge at this intimate and exclusive eye-opening peer executive gathering could completely transform your firm's growth path as we operate in a period of explosive change… and add tens (even hundreds) of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

Over 3 days of confidential and frank discussion with no more than 25 senior leaders, we'll dive deep into the biggest NEW issues that will determine financial performance and growth excellence for A/E/C firms in the coming decade, or keep them mired in mediocrity:

"Is Our Strategic Plan Ready for What's Coming?" 

See how the most successful firms are revising their approaches to talent acquisition and retention, capital investment, M&A, market expansion and more, in light of a shifting business landscape and rare opportunities to set bolder strategic goals. 

"Is Our BD Plan Getting Us the Right Work?"

You're probably looking at a full backlog right now, but if the projects in your pipeline aren't delivering maximum returns, it's time to differentiate your firm and start commanding higher prices.  We'll share peer leader experiences for executing a new BD strategy that lands the most profitable projects. 

"How Will We Find the Talent We Need to Support Growth Goals?"

Finding and keeping great people is the biggest growth hurdle for A/E/C leaders right now. We've got proven ideas for easing the shortage without breaking the bank, plus some radically disruptive ideas for coming at the problem from a fresh new angle!

"What Will A/E/C Tech Disrupt Next?"

We'll examine the highest ROI tech investments to make now, and where A/E/C firms are wasting resources on low-return software and hardware. This is your essential "big picture" data-backed discussion of the near-horizon tech applications that will upend your business if you aren't prepared.

"Are We Ready for the Coming A/E/C Project Delivery Revolution?"

It's time to abandon the productivity tracker everyone hates, the timesheet, and we'll share how. Plus give you smart tactics for improving productivity in a remote work environment, how peer leaders are taking control of project scope and keeping clients on schedule, and new PM tech that's coming to a competitor firm near you!

"Is Our Exit Strategy Aligned With  a Radically Changed Workforce?"

Emerging leaders rising through the ranks take a very different view of entrepreneurship and many A/E/C  ownership transition plans aren't ready. We get into the economic, social, and demographic shifts that should be causing you to adjust key elements, and discuss solutions to ownership buy-in, share pricing, and growth strategy conflicts.

Join a small and select group of A/E/C firm leaders from across North America who will gather for a frank and open exploration of new solutions and new strategic growth opportunities rarely seen before. 

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What your fellow A/E/C leaders said after attending a recent sold-out A/E/C Senior Executive Retreat:

Mark St. Germain, President
St. Germain Engineers

Tracy Stocking, President
TSA Architects

Bill Lloyd, President
Great West Engineering

Join them in growing your firm and reframing your belief in what's possible when you register for this unique learning and business success event!

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FS Headshot

Frank A. Stasiowski, FAIA

Founder and CEO, PSMJ Resources, Inc.

FS Headshot

Frank A. Stasiowski, FAIA

Founder and CEO, PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Frank A. Stasiowski, FAIA

Frank Stasiowski is an advisor to CEOs and other leaders at many of the world’s top architecture and engineering firms. Additionally, he actively serves as an outside director for architectural and engineering firms around the globe, and Frank’s experience includes serving as a director for a publicly-traded, 4,000-person engineering firm.

Frank helps his clients by challenging them to excel and to think differently about their constraints and obstacles. He sees his role as one of guiding firm leaders through a perspective that may not come naturally to them. He views success ultimately as clients not simply following his recommendation, but rather making their own decisions guided by his insight.

Frank is a prolific author, writing hundreds of articles for the Professional Services Management Journal and numerous books intended for architecture and engineering firm leaders, including his recent best-sellers The Value Pricing Imperative for Design Firms and Impact 2030.

As an international speaker to audiences from 5 to more than 5,000, Frank is well-known for his data-driven (and even a bit daring) look into the future of the business of architecture engineering. His energetic and down-to-earth speaking style always draw rave reviews.

Among the areas where Frank brings particular expertise as an advisor, facilitator, and speaker are strategic planning, transition planning, and mergers & acquisitions. In addition to his advisory work, Frank spends a significant amount of his time delivering presentations and facilitating meeting discussions, planning retreats, workshops and training sessions all with the goal of dramatically improving the business performance of A/E/C organizations worldwide.

Frank brings a special understanding and sensitivity to the issues facing design firm executives shaped by more than 40 years he has dedicated to helping design firms succeed.

Hinsley_Bill BW

Bill Hinsley

Senior Consultant, PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Hinsley_Bill BW

Bill Hinsley

Senior Consultant, PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Bill Hinsley

With PSMJ, Bill Hinsley has trained thousands of A/E/C professionals across the globe.

Bill formerly served as a Senior Management Analyst for two governors’ commissions and the Associate Vice President of renowned international firms, ARCADIS and Atkins, where he spearheaded $1 million to $11 billion projects.

He has had success in many different areas including business development, leadership training, branch office optimization, and strategic planning and growth.

He is experienced in the coordination and direct opening of multiple regional offices, the M&A of branch offices, and decision-making in determining the future success of a branch office. Bill had the unique experience of opening a branch office on his own at just 29 years old.

At his own branch office, Bill attracted more than $200 million of work. He knows what is required to make a successful transition to a new market or geographical area. At his branch office, he led marketing success through a decentralized “inform and empowerment” model, instructed hundreds of practitioners on how to leverage others’ overall marketing philosophy to borne success in the competitive A/E/C marketplace. and used innovative business development strategies as an instrument to break into new services and attract new clients.

As a National Director, Bill pioneered a successful $30 million business development plan. With this multi-million dollar strategy, Bill took risks – breaking into new services and attracting new clients – and as the client development lead on the project, the buck (all $30 million of it) proverbially and literally stopped with him.

With extensive project management experience in the planning, engineering, procurement, and management of large civil works projects, Bill has served as Senior Project Manager, Principal PM, and Principal-in-Charge.

Bill truly believes that project management is where ultimate success is generated, and he has become one of PSMJ’s most popular Project Management instructors. Bill has trained more than 5,000 PMs and Principals in Project Management Bootcamps across the globe, conducted dozens of in-house Bootcamps for A/E/C firms that desire more customization and specialization in their training, and developed tailored PM training models for each client from two-day bootcamps to four-hour training sessions and one-hour webinars.

He led internal and external strategic planning at ARCADIS and Atkins, and he successfully implemented policy development at the state and local levels for the governors’ commissions.

Bill was the youngest member of the Atkins’ Business Vision and Growth Committee. And, along with Bill Sorrentino and Dave Burstein, he developed PSMJ’s popular Emerging Leaders program.

Bill has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology & Chemistry and a Master’s Degree in Marine Affairs and Policy. He is a member of the Society of American Military Engineers and the American Council of Engineering Companies.