In response to so many requests that we’ve received, we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting our next A/E/C Senior Executive Forum from January 16th through the 19th at The Pines Lodge in Beaver Creek, ColoradoOur theme for this Forum will be:

Creative Ownership Transition Strategies:
Using Non-Traditional Approaches 
to Achieve ALL of Your Objectives

Could you benefit from candid, relevant, and non-traditional transition planning advice?

Sure, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars on some big-name CEO membership network, but time and time again the frustration of A/E/C firm leaders going to those meetings is that of wasted time and money trying to apply strategies from industries that looked nothing like theirs. This is different.

Frank Stasiowski

Led by PSMJ Founder and CEO Frank A. Stasiowski, FAIA along with A/E/C industry veteran Jared Jamison, this Forum is focused on some of the thorniest and most complicated challenges associated with ownership transition specifically in A/E/C firms…cultural, financial, strategic, and more. But, you won’t just be hitting those nails with the same old hammer. In this completely confidential and candid setting, Frank turns traditional thinking on its ear.

For the past 40+ years, Frank has researched, coached, and consulted with thousands of design firm leaders seeking to discover what strategies take a few firms to great heights, while others deteriorate. And, his passion is to use this insight to work confidentially with top decision-makers in architecture and engineering firms and facilitate high quality decisions.

By joining Frank and Jared, along with an intimate group of other architecture and engineering firm leaders in beautiful Beaver Creek, you can talk strategy with a group of people who sit exactly where you sit. Together, we attack the key decisions that are critical to developing a creative transition plan that addresses and balances all of your objectives, such as:

  • Creating a lasting legacy for current and future generations of employees
  • Keeping the transaction price affordable for incoming owners
  • Ensuring an adequate return on investment for exiting owners
  • Allowing the firm to stay true to its core principles and culture
  • Utilizing financial vehicles and tools that don’t put your retirement plans at risk

You also explore some of the issues and decisions that may be on your mind, such as:

  • Easy ways to see when it makes sense to use tools such as ESOPs, stock options, etc.
  • When and where to bring your lawyer and accountant into the process
  • What to do when the owners can’t agree on whether legacy or cash is more important

Attending this Forum is one of the easiest ways to reduce risk and increase the odds of success in your transition plan.


Past Attendee Reviews

"Very good presentation- covered topics in engaging and entertaining way with true wisdom from wide experience."
- Richard Harris, Principal, Jasmax Group Ltd

"I found the seminar very informative and inspiring."
- Marc Overhauser, Director, Gardner Wetherill & Associates

"It is very clear that PSMJ knows our business and is very willing to help their clients improve their business."
- Michael Sexton, President, Sexton Engineering Associates, Inc.

"Very informative, realistic, and useful information."
- Andrew Beattie, Principal, Rudds Consulting Engineers

Quality decisions start with quality advice and perspective.

Here are some key elements that make this small investment one of the best you may ever make in yourself and your firm:

Beaver Creek Resort

  1. Meet with people who understand your business. 

    Unlike other leadership groups, we only accept participants who are leaders in architecture or engineering firms. No other industries. No vendors trying to sell you anything. This means we hit the ground running. We know your industry, your challenges, your jargon…and all discussion is COMPLETELY confidential.

  2. Get diverse opinions without getting lost. 

    We cap Forum attendance at 23 people. The size is designed to provide you with the maximum benefit of a variety of perspectives and experiences while still small enough to allow you plenty of time to speak and to get to know each other’s organizations.

  3. Your meeting, your agenda. 

    Frank sets the theme and brings plenty of data and case studies. But, don’t expect him to fill the time together with formal presentations and endless slide decks. Frank’s job is to facilitate and engage the group for maximum value. Your questions, challenges, and ideas shape the agenda.

  4. Even more time focused on YOU.

    In addition to the interactive nature of this Forum, we’ve reserved plenty of time for confidential one-on-one sessions with Frank and/or Peter to discuss and solve challenges that are better served outside of the group setting.

  5. Business relationships that last a lifetime.

    The critical thinking and problem-solving just begins in Beaver Creek. After the program, we are always thrilled to see Forum alumni arranging meetings, conference calls, and email exchanges with their fellow attendees to keep the dialog going. They report on progress, seek feedback on new challenges, and help each other to thrive. The value of these partnerships and friendships alone is priceless.

To derive maximum benefit from our time together, Frank and Peter have carefully designed the Forum timetable. You achieve an optimum balance of intense working sessions, one-on-one consultations, and relaxation time, in order to be able to reflect and gather your thoughts.


Registration is limited to ensure an interactive group of participants who can contribute to the discussions. You will be one of up to only 23 design firm leaders…and your new network of business associates will be a source of expanded contacts and markets which can feed you for years into the future.