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This one meeting could completely change your thinking on transition planning…and save you tens (even hundreds) of thousands of dollars.

Flawed ownership transition plans aren’t just costly…they can sink otherwise healthy architecture and engineering firms. If you are like many architecture and engineering firm leaders, you’ve gotten all sorts of traditional ownership and leadership transition planning advice over the years. But, none of it seems quite right for your firm and your objectives.

Could your transition plan be destined to fail? 

Unfortunately, many A/E/C firm leaders try to apply off-the-shelf approaches to their plan and end up making some of the most critical (though not uncommon) mistakes in transition planning, such as:

  • Letting lawyers and accountants drive your strategic (and quite personal) decisions.
  • Allowing tax mitigation be the ultimate goal.
  • Never defining the core principles that serve as the foundation of the organization…regardless of who is leading it.
  • Trying to implement a plan that was squarely inconsistent with the culture of their organization.
  • Using a buy/sell agreement that incentivizes emerging leaders to leave rather than stay.
  • And the list goes on…
Are you guilty of any of these costly and risky mistakes? When you absorb all the off-the-shelf so-called “expert” advice on transition planning and try to apply it to your unique firm…it can lead you right into a very expensive ditch. Sometimes, you need to contradict what the outsiders are instructing you to do and take a different path. Unless you are 100% convinced that your ownership transition plan will achieve your objectives, I’d be willing to bet that contrarian and non-traditional thinking can help you plan for a smoother exit.

Join a small and select group of A/E/C firm leaders from across North America who will gather for a Frank and open exploration of new solutions and creative transition strategies. 

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Hear what your fellow A/E/C leaders said after attending PSMJ's sold-out 2021 A/E/C Executive Retreat in Newport:

Mark St. Germain, President
St. Germain Engineers

Tracy Stocking, President
TSA Architects

Bill Lloyd, President
Great West Engineering

Join them in growing your firm and reframing your belief in what's possible when you register for this unique learning and business success event!

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Frank A. Stasiowski

Frank A. Stasiowski, FAIA

PSMJ Founder and CEO

Frank A. Stasiowski

Frank A. Stasiowski, FAIA

PSMJ Founder and CEO

Frank brings more than 40 years of A/E/C industry experience and leadership.  He has worked with some of the most successful design firms around the world - helping them to shape their growth strategy and purpose.  Frank is perhaps best known for his hard-hitting thinking including his call-to-action proclaiming the death of the mid-sized A/E/C firm as we know it in his best-selling book Impact 2020.
Jameson Jared

Jared Jamison

Senior Consulting, PSMJ Resources

Jameson Jared

Jared Jamison

Senior Consulting, PSMJ Resources

After a successful career of over 20 years with A/E/C firms, Jared shifted gears to pursue his passion for helping other firms succeed through consulting and teaching. Jared is an accomplished engineering executive with extensive experience in engineering management, operations, financial management and business strategy.

Jared spent most of his career at Hankins and Anderson, a full-service A/E firm of approximately 200 people that specialized in federal building design. Jared served as a Senior Vice President and Director of Operations where he was responsible overseeing and directing the operations of the firm. He was heavily involved with strategy, management, and finance and was also responsible for developing and implementing the firm’s strategic management system and improving its quality management system.

After Hankins and Anderson was acquired by Mason & Hanger, Jared was responsible for leading the integration of the two firms’ operations and was responsible for developing and monitoring Mason & Hanger’s strategic plan. He also served as Mason & Hanger’s Vice President of Operations. Jared also served as a Department Head, Chief Structural Engineer, and Senior Structural Engineer at Hankins and Anderson.

Jared began his career as a structural engineer at Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates where he designed low and high-rise buildings and specialty structures. He also worked at URS Corporation designing bridges, including the first extradosed cable-stay bridge in the world. Working for several different types of firms, both small and large, has allowed him to be exposed to many different facets of the A/E industry.

Jared has served on several boards of directors and served as treasurer for several organizations. He was also heavily involved with the American Council of Engineering Companies of Virginia. He is a speaker, writer, and adviser on topics of business management and strategy with an emphasis on the A/E/C industry. He has worked as adjunct faculty for the Virginia Commonwealth University Executive MBA program, teaching business planning, and has been a guest lecturer for professional service MBA classes at the University of Richmond.

Jared is a registered professional engineer. He has BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering, with a structural emphasis, from Virginia Tech and an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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