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Corporate Tax Advisors, Inc. (CTA)

Corporate Tax Advisors, A leading provider of Research and Development Tax Credit studies, identifies and documents clients’ R&D Tax Credits, and provides all the forms and documentation to support these credits in the event of a possible future audit. We have a seasoned staff to help you claim the maximum available R&D tax credits. We also conduct a thorough on-site R&D review process for every study. Then we write an audit-defensible study report. Our staff includes former Big4 accountants, CPAs, and staff with extensive engineering industry experience.

It is very important to have a highly-qualified third-party conduct technical interviews and uncover documentation that supports claims for federal and state R&D Tax Credits. The R&D Tax Credit is one of the most significant tax incentives available.

The R&D Tax Credit is not an income tax deduction. It is a bottom-line, dollar-for-dollar credit against income tax due and can potentially result in a cash refund.

We will simply take a look at what you qualify for, give you an estimate of what you can expect to save, and let you know what your tax credit study fees will be if you engage us. This assessment is entirely free and confidential.