The Pines Lodge

Welcome to Beaver Creek's Most Authentic Mountain Hotel
The Pines Lodge

You work flat out every day of the year and firm leaders are rarely able to carve out time off. But, to achieve lasting success, and empower everyone along with you, you’ve got to step off the fast track now and again, clear your head and focus on the “big picture.” That is why I’ve arranged to meet you at one of the best “clear-your-head-and-focus” locations in North America – in the clean mountain air of Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Recharge, refresh, and rethink your approach to transition.

The Pines Lodge is located amidst the whispering aspen groves overlooking Beaver Creek Village. This wonderful venue has come to define intimate, on-mountain lodging. Whether you are a skier or not, I’m sure you’ll come to love Beaver Creek as much as I do!

Room Rate: $349 single/double
Hotel Room Cut-off Date: 1/16/20

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141 Scotthill Road, Beaver Creek, CO 81620