Join Menke & Associates, Inc. in this free webinar, Why Selling to an ESOP May Be Better Than Selling to a Third Party. There are three possible roads for business continuity and senior shareholder divestiture – sale to an ESOP, sale to a third party or internal stock redemption. In this session, Mr. Menke will examine the effectiveness of each of these alternatives in (1) providing shareholder liquidity and diversification, (2) minimizing the tax impact of the transaction on the company and on its shareholders, (3) preserving the independence and long-term continuity of the business, and (4) incentivizing the company’s management team and the company’s employees. Mr. Menke will then explain recent developments that enhance the advantages of selling to any ESOP, and will present recent case examples that illustrate how selling to an ESOP can provide substantially greater financial and tax benefits to retiring shareholders and substantially greater equity participation for management employees. 

In this webinar you'll learn: 
1. How an ESOP buyout compares with an internal stock redemption or with a sale to a third party 
2. How an ESOP can be structured to give owners better financial and tax results than other alternatives 
3. How key employee stock warrants can be a better incentive plan than SARs and other incentive plans 

Speaker Bio – John D. Menke is the founder and President of Menke & Associates, Inc., a nationwide firm that has specialized in the design, implementation and administration of ESOPs for over 40 years. Menke & Associates, Inc. has designed over 3,500 ESOPs since its inception in 1974, including many that are architectural, engineering and construction firms. Mr. Menke received his B.A. degree from the University of Texas and his LL.B. degree from Yale law School.