Presented by Enoch Sears, Business of Architecture

Join us for this illuminative professional development webinar tailored for the contemporary architect looking to blend creativity with business savvy. Break free from the operational chaos and immerse yourself back into the heart of what made you fall in love with architecture in the first place. In this session, we unravel a minimalist yet effective approach that shifts the focus from managerial chaos to the artistic and functional realms of architecture, steering your firm to a path of fluidity and organic growth.

On this webinar, you'll discover:
• 4 common architecture practice management mistakes small firm owners make (and how to fix them)
• 3 essential business systems for a smooth-running practice
• How firm owners get freedom and creative fulfillment by leveraging people and systems
• Why the complexity of running a business holds architecture firm owners back from greater financial and creative success

About your presenter:

Enoch Bartlett Sears, AIA, is the founder of Business of Architecture and a well-regarded architectural practice management expert. He's recognized for developing the SMART Practice Method for managing a smooth-running architectural practice.

He’s the author of two books, The Architect's Marketing Field Guide, and Social Media for Architects. He's also host of the #1-rated interview podcast for architects, the Business of Architecture show, where he interviews guests like M. Arthur Gensler, Jr., Thom Mayne and others. Enoch is a frequently invited speaker on the topic of the business of architecture.