Even the most experienced Architectural / Engineering / Construction professionals can be thrown off by the challenges of a high stakes project interview. If you don’t know exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to embody your words with confidence and conviction, all of your team’s hard work finding the opportunity and developing a slam-dunk proposal is wasted. You don’t get a second chance to nail the interview. 

The best A/E/C Business Development experts, Project Managers, and Principals know exactly how to connect with the selection committee, formulate a compelling message, and deliver the message with unmatched dynamism and authenticity. 

In this engaging and action-oriented FREE webinar, Dean Hyers – author of Winning AEC Interviews and Co-Founder of SagePresence – shares how you can master the skills for delivering winning short-list presentations. These easy-to-follow skills are based on Dean’s 15+ years of expertise serving A/E/C professionals and helping his clients land over $4 billion worth of new business. 

Unless you and your A/E/C firm win every project that you interview for and want to win, you cannot afford to miss this webinar. 

The principles in this webinar help you: 

  • Develop a unique approach to each interview 
  • Design an interview message that ignites energy and passion in the selection committee,
  • Inspire each team member to truly own their performance 
  • Ensure that every team member is confident and ready to give their best

By the end of this webinar, you’ll have a new clarity on what it takes to deliver a winning interview with more confidence that will help your team stand up and differentiate itself with passion and courage. 

UNIQUE BONUS: The Q&A from this session was outstanding! Click here to download the questions asked during this session, and get Dean’s answers to them all in written form to share with your team.