Presented by Jared Jamison, Senior Consultant, PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Pay equity. Salary compression. Sky high compensation expectations. There has never been more pressure to align your comp strategy with both A/E talent markets and your firm’s financial performance objectives. Unfortunately, many firm leaders fly blind, making expensive benchmarking mistakes or overreacting to raise requests.

Ready to make 2024 the year you align your compensation strategy with today’s realities?

In this FREE one-hour webinar, PSMJ Senior Consultant Jared Jamison gives you practical and data-driven strategies to tackle your most pressing compensation and benefits challenges. With advice guided by PSMJ’s best-in-class A/E compensation benchmarking data, you learn easy-to-implement steps for making SURE your pay practices land in that “sweet spot” between too low and too high for today’s market. With pay demands high and the talent pool small, compensation practices is the one area your firm can’t afford to ignore!

Join us for this FREE webinar to learn:

• The latest labor market data and where recruiting is going to get a lot harder
• How to develop a compensation strategy and philosophy that is best for your firm
• The best ways to stay competitive for critical talent in today’s hot labor market
• The right (and wrong) key performance indicators to assess your compensation and benefits
• And much more!

PLUS, you get an inside look at PSMJ’s powerful compensation benchmarking tools… the key to making HR decisions that deliver the best ROI.

If you’re an A/E/C firm Principal, HR Director, or anyone who manages people, don’t make any compensation or benefits changes until you attend this live FREE webinar!

About your presenter:
After a successful 20 year career leading A/E/C firms, Jared shifted gears to pursue his passion for helping other firms succeed through consulting and teaching. Jared is an accomplished engineering executive with extensive experience in engineering management, operations, financial management and business strategy.

Jared spent most of his career at Hankins and Anderson, a full-service A/E firm of approximately 200 people that specialized in federal building design. Jared served as a Senior Vice President and Director of Operations where he was responsible overseeing and directing the operations of the firm. He was heavily involved with strategy, management, and finance and was also responsible for developing and implementing the firm’s strategic management system and improving its quality management system.