Presented by Bobby Bakshi, People & Culture Executive

Is your leadership style aligned with the expectations of today’s most valuable and sought-after AEC talent? If you’re applying the “same old” methods to how you inspire, engage, and motivate, you risk losing the very people you need to take advantage of this robust market for design services!

But here’s the great news… a few simple changes to how you interact with key contributors, based on the SCIENCE of how the best leaders navigate change, can deliver measurable results and a proven bottom-line impact.

This ALL-NEW PSMJ webinar, in partnership with Bobby Bakshi Consulting, is packed with our expertise in helping AEC executives excel as individual leaders and co-create thriving cultures by embracing the principles of servant leadership. The webinar covers the latest research on company culture and bridging divides across generations, particularly with Gen Z. Learn how to Servant Leadership can be your competitive advantage.

AEC executives and People and Culture/HR leaders will learn the following in this webinar:

1. Learning the Key Principles of Servant Leadership in Times of Change
2. Leveraging Research Showing the Positive Impact on Business Growth
3. Understanding Why Servant Leadership is Key with Gen Z
4. How to increase AEC talent retention and engagement using the principles of servant leadership 

The webinar is presented by Bobby Bakshi, Founder and CEO of Bobby Bakshi Consulting. Bobby was the opening keynote at PSMJ’s TalentMAX, bringing a depth of knowledge about GenZ for AEC firms. After a decade at Microsoft and later as Head of People and culture for a global consulting firm, Bobby is now a consultant focused on culture transformation, starting with the executive team of his clients.

Unlock your potential to attract and retain great talent by building skills to address multi-generational employee needs. This is your opportunity to create a competitive advantage in a highly competitive workforce.

About your presenter:

Bobby Bakshi spent almost a decade at Microsoft, primarily in market research. He has been a People & Culture executive and consultant for over a decade, including being Chief People Officer at a global data analytics firm. Bobby has specialized in serving small and mid-sized clients, across many professional services specializations, including AEC firms.

Known for leading with compassion and courage to help people bridge divides, starting with the executive team, he brings a breadth and depth of experience to this journey of DEI, culture transformation, and leadership development. He brings an objective perspective, tailored for an executive teams context.