How many times has your architecture or engineering firm made the short list and realized you’re just like everyone else (at least in the client’s eyes)? How many times have you lost to the cross-town rival or out-of-town expert? How many times have you won the project only to get your fees beat down? 

With a little understanding of how your client’s brain works, you can change all that. As amazing and powerful as the brain is, it's primitive and predictable in how it makes decisions. 

In this FREE webinar, you learn the distinct process, speed and emotional triggers needed to help your client’s brain understand what you do, value what you do, and say yes to what you do. 

Learn the secrets and steps to help you drive more “yesses” than your competition and the three keys to driving fast-action. If you violate any of these “brain rules”, you run the risk of becoming commoditized and taken out of contention. 

This session is a must for anyone involved in proposals, presentations, or any other aspect of business development. If you don’t attend; let’s hope your competition doesn’t either! 

Learning Objectives: 

In this webinar, you learn how to: 

  1. Explain how the brain processes information and why some pitches resonate with your clients while some do not. 
  2. Develop three compelling reasons when your prospects ask “Why you?”. 
  3. Analyze past presentations and talking points and revamp them to be more resonate and persuasive. 
  4. Explain how the speed of pitching and deal-making affects your overall success.