Join Corporate Tax Advisors and PSMJ for a free webinar on how to Negotiate Contracts to Maximize Research Credits!

There IS GOOD NEWS about for the research tax credit! In this webinar you'll learn: 
- Credit was made permanent. 
- Credit has been modified so that taxpayers can use the credit against their alternative minimum tax or payroll taxes. 
- IRS has reduced its audit coverage for research tax credits. 
- And much more! 

BUT all news is NOT good news. There have been several recent court cases that address a nuanced exclusion that can severely limit the credit for many A&E Firm taxpayers. The exclusion is for FUNDED research. The exclusion applies when one party pays another to perform research. It is generally believed that the purpose of the exclusion is to prevent more than one taxpayer from taking the credit for the same research activity. 

It is on this topic the presentation will unpack and offer guidance as how to “proactively” approach contract negotiations to secure a more concrete footing towards gaining a successful Research Credit benefit. 

Dawson Fercho EA 
Dawson is a partner-founder of Corporate Tax Advisors, Inc. He is also an IRS Enrolled Agent admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and licensed by the US Department of Treasury. Dawson brings over 20 year of consulting experience, 15 years exclusively focused on the Federal Research Tax Credit, working with small to mid-size manufacturing, technology, engineering, architecture and construction clients. 

Kreig Mitchell JD LLM 
Kreig is CTA's Tax Controversy Director and a foremost authority on the Research Tax Credit. His career has focused on federal and state research tax credits and incentives and tax controversy matters. During his career, Kreig has worked as a tax attorney in private practice, a tax consultant for a research tax credit firm, and an attorney and appeals officer for the IRS. He has advised clients on all aspects of research tax credit matters. Kreig has written extensively on federal and state research tax credits and incentives.