The Federal Research Tax Credit, after an over 30-year temporary status with the U.S. Tax Code, has now been permanently codified into the industry main-stream. With the new and heightened popularity of the credit, the IRS is sure to take a more active role in its review. 

What this means is that you need to be prepared, whether you are new claimant of its benefits or a mature beneficiary, for a potential review of your credit claim. 

This credit is open to a majority of tax entity structures including C-Corporations and Pass-Through entities such as S-Corporations, LLCs, Sole Proprietors and Partnerships. If you are a U.S. Company and make products and/or services on U.S. soil then there has to be a credit available to you; the only question to answer now is “Do I have the right documentation and how do I defend my claim if the need arises?” 

This webcast will provide you with the latest insight on the R&D tax credit, how the IRS is interpreting and enforcing credit claims, and how to prepare for and how to confidently defend your credit claim. 

By watching this value-packed webinar, you get: 

  • An overview of the NEW current rules and legislation governing the R&D tax credit. 
  • A clear understanding of exactly how IRS has established its enforcement of Research Tax Credit claims. 
  • How to determine which division of the IRS will be reviewing your claim and how to work with the designated field agents, depending on which IRS group(s) are assigned. 
  • Prospects for continued use/leverage of the Research Credit to the extent all, or a portion of your Research Credit claim(s), are disallowed.