If you own an architecture or engineering (A/E) firm, you need an ownership transition plan. Without it, your equity interest and the firm’s future could be in jeopardy. While there are many different options and solutions for transition planning, one option is often overlooked. Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) can be a valuable vehicle for managing stock redemptions, creating liquidity, and minimizing tax burdens. But, ESOPs can be quite complex and are not the right fit for every A/E firm.

This FREE one-hour webinar gives you a candid executive-level look at: 

  • Exactly how ESOPs work for ownership transition 
  • How selling into an ESOP can virtually wipe out your tax burden 
  • Why ESOPs fail and the common (and avoidable) mistakes that lead to failure 
  • How mergers, acquisitions, and ESOPs can play together 

The next steps to evaluate whether an ESOP is right for your firm 

About your speaker: Kyle Coltman, CEO of Menke & Associates, has worked extensively in the design of employee buyouts since joining the firm in l979. During this time he has supervised over 500 hundred ESOP buyouts for owners of privately-held firms. Mr. Coltman’s responsibilities encompass all phases of deal structuring, financing and coordination of ongoing services. 

Unless you are completely certain that your ownership transition plan cannot be made any better, don’t miss this free webinar to understand how ESOPs work and whether this might be that missing piece to make your ownership transition a success.