Failing to effectively plan for ownership transition can sink an otherwise healthy architecture or engineering (A/E) firm. Unfortunately, so many A/E firm leaders are stuck because they don’t see a traditional internal ownership transition as a viable and they don’t want to go down the road of an outside merger or acquisition. So, they do nothing. 

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) can be a very viable transition planning tool that often goes overlooked by A/E firm leaders. This FREE webinar covers exactly what an ESOP is and how it can benefit your firm. You learn the benefits, the disadvantages, and much more so that you can evaluate whether this may be the missing piece that can make your transition plan a success. 

Unless you are 100% convinced that your A/E firm’s transition plan is the best that it can possibly be, then don’t miss this free webinar where you learn: 

• What an ESOP is and how it works 
• The benefits of ESOPs for architecture and engineering firms 
• How to structure an ESOP transaction 
• The disadvantages of ESOPs 
• Examples of actual ESOP scenarios 

Bradford Wilson, CMA | Senior Consultant | PSMJ Resources, Inc. 
John D. Menke | President | Menke & Associates, Inc.