Architects, Engineers, and Contractors love IRS audits about as much as they love permitting. Which is to say of course that they do not. At least with permitting, a firm is typically prepared and knowledgeable about the process and requirements. How about an IRS audit? They don’t happen very often, but firms need to be prepared and have a knowledgeable team in place, particularly when claiming specialty tax incentives like the R&D Tax Credit and 179D Energy Efficient Deduction.

This program will provide an overview of IRS examinations and related tax controversy topics for R&D Tax Credit and 179D Energy Efficient Deduction claims pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Sections 41 and 179D. Topics for discussion include:

  • R&D Tax Credit & 179D Basics
  • IRS Audit and Exam Basics
  • Audit Technique Guide(s) & Information Document Requests (IDRs)
  • Qualification criteria and exclusions
  • Documentation
  • Relevant & Recent Court Cases

Attendees will be able to:

  1. Effectuate necessary changes in future tax incentive claims to better position company and owners in case of audit
  2. Learn how to leverage the right kind of internal systems and existing documents to properly substantiate tax incentive claims
  3. Understand projects under contract can qualify for R&D Tax Credits not solely based on the TYPE of contract, but on the actual RIGHTS and RISK
  4. Celebrate a few positive outcomes for the A/E/C industry from recent court cases and IRS guidance

About Your Presenters:
Jason Villere, CTP – Director: Jason joined BRAYN Consulting LLC in 2018. As a business management professional, Jason has over 15 years’ experience with treasury management, internal audit consulting, project accounting, financial reporting and managing sales teams. Jason is a skilled leader with demonstrated ability to effectively achieve process improvement, manage change and create diverse, cross-functional, quality driven teams to implement corporate-wide improvements.

Kevin Sullivan, P.E. – Partner: Kevin is a rare combination of engineer and tax consultant. He is an award-winning expert on sustainable design and construction, and licensed as a Professional Engineer in over 30 states. As a Partner at BRAYN, he works with businesses and their CPAs to identify lucrative federal and state tax incentives. He has helped companies save over $100,000,000 through R&D Tax Credits, 179D Energy Efficient Deductions, & other specialty incentives.