Understanding the intelligence your firm gathers about itself, your clients, and your competitors is a huge differentiator. Tracking the right metrics empowers you to make smarter business decisions by discovering your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Learn how a strategically implemented business development program can improve your forecasting so you can counter problems before they arise and adapt to industry trends ahead of the competition. This session will focus on using game changing business intelligence tips that will assist you in increasing your hit rate, synchronizing your business development efforts, and gaining an in ‐ depth understanding of your firm’s relationships with its clients. Come learn how a strategically implemented business development program can help you ignite your BD efforts!

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn while doing: apply each tip as we move through them to actual BD issues you have identified for your firm.
  • Get a different vantage point: understand a broader viewpoint of the relationships you have with clients.
  • Engage now: learn tips that can help you ignite your BD efforts.

Jan Flesher, PMP, is the director of client advocacy at Cosential, an AEC technology leader in CRM and Proposal Automation. As her 30+ year career progresses, she continues to educate AEC firm leaders and marketers on successful business development and marketing practices. Jan is part strategist, change agent, technology leader and trainer. As an expert in Cosential CRM and Proposal Automation practices, she brings a refreshing approach to training. Jan has addressed numerous organizations and associations throughout United States and Canada where her audiences are eager to have the jargon of A/E/C explained in a straightforward, easy to understand way.