As the labor market tightens, getting compensation right has become one of the most important factors in design firms’ success. PSMJ helps many A/E firms with their employee compensation programs, paired with the right firm management software you can having a winning structure to avoid those pitfalls. Here are the most common mistakes we’ve seen:

  • Error No. 1: Failing to link compensation strategy with growth goals
  • Error No. 2: Equal pay for equal work
  • Error No. 3: Using only one compensation survey
  • Error No. 4: Failing to consider what employers outside the A/E industry are paying
  • Error No. 5: Incorrectly Adjusting for Different Locations
  • Error No. 6: Competing with larger firms
  • Error No. 7: Assuming that salaries are confidential
  • Error No. 8: Failing to consider the financial impacts of salary increases

If you suspect that your firm suffers from one or more of these pitfalls, join PSMJ’s David Burstein and BQE Software's Irfan Qazi for this informative webinar to set you on the right track.