What would happen if you applied the concepts of Design and Build to your firm’s workforce? Kristi Weierbach, of Stambaugh Ness is taking on this topic in the free webinar "Design & Build Your Workforce".

Kristi focuses her extensive expertise on helping clients create a unique human resources architecture, applying practical solutions that complement strategic goals and company culture. She has a genuine passion for working with companies and positioning them to meet their organizational goals. Kristi’s deep knowledge of human resources and payroll enables her to help companies overcome their struggles by providing strategic direction on implementing and improving policies and procedures. Working collaboratively with clients, she skillfully turns their human capital management into a competitive advantage. 

Taking time to focus on the structure of your organization from the inside out can fast-track your strategic goals, helping to maximize growth and profitability. This strategic and intentional workforce approach sets the course for a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace and makes your firm a talent destination. 

After viewing this value-packed webinar, you will be able to: 
1. Identify your firm’s purpose as it relates to workforce development. 
2. Develop an organizational strategy to get where you need to be. 
3. Leverage the strengths of your employees in building a stronger workforce. 
4. Apply the “right fit, right role” concept to your organization.