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This one meeting could completely change your firm's growth path… and add tens (even hundreds) of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

Growing your A/E/C firm over an extended period sounds great, until you're forced to make those critical decisions that either get you there ... or leave your firm mired in mediocrity. Should you acquire another firm, or not? Open a branch office in another region or upgrade existing teams? Invest in a new business development director or become better seller-doers? Walk away from a long-time client or seek  a renegotiation? 

Your response to tough choices like these have far reaching impact on your firm's growth and choosing incorrectly can sink an otherwise sound enterprise.  Problem is, you're the only one who can make them, and you face them alone.

Until now.

On September 16-19, a select group of senior A/E/C firm leaders from across North America will gather in beautiful Martha's Vineyard for a frank and open exploration of the decisions that drive growth and how to make the winning call every time. Ready to really grow your firm in 2019 and beyond? Register now for Breakthrough Growth Planning Strategies: A PSMJ Senior Executive Forum.

Is your firm's growth plan a vague wish, or a clearly defined map you can actually use?

Every firm has goals– whether written or nebulous ideas in the minds of top Principals. But only by converting those goals into a plan can you unleash growth forces and direct your energy efficiently.  Without a structured, documented and communicated plan, your firm is rudderless.

The challenge: How to develop a GROWTH plan that works for your firm regardless of economic conditions over the next 24-36 months?
The solution: Come to Martha’s Vineyard on September 16-19 to build, through discussion with other firm leaders just like you and A/E/C business management experts, your custom 6-part growth plan: 

Growth-Focused Strategy: An Action Plan for Creating Your Financial Growth Strategy

Growing architecture and engineering firms have a specific strategy for putting capital to work immediately. We examine a customized growth strategy for your practice to be used as the foundation for both acquiring and/or using growth funds.

Growth-Focused Marketing: Get the Clients You Want and Walk Away from Projects You Don’t

Are you marketing effectively today to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s marketplace? Will your firm get every project it goes after? Do you know what it takes to gain undying loyalty from larger clients for life? You'll learn powerful marketing strategies that have been thoroughly tested and proven.

Growth-Focused Finance: Benchmarks – The Financial Intelligence for Growth

We look beyond the bottom line to reveal the most important and useful parts of your firm’s financial picture. You learn how high performance firms bolster profits and improve their financial management systems.

Growth-Focused Project Delivery: Getting Your PMs to Get the Results You Want on Every Project

Learn exactly how the top firms in PSMJ’s annual Circle of Excellence not only eliminate poor project management write-offs costing 45% of profits, they actually drive an additional 15% to the bottom line through superior techniques.

Growth-Focused Human Resources: How to Hire, Develop, and Retain the Team of the Future

We discuss how to find and keep the best growth-oriented employees, motivate every different generation, and avoid the bad hiring decisions that doom growth.

Growth-Focused Transition: How to Drive Lasting Success and Create a Pipeline of Future Owners

Discover how moving towards a culture driven by share appreciation in lieu of “controlling” percentages of ownership is a key growth strategy and how to value shares properly to inspire growth, get owners to accept a change to share appreciation, inspire buy-in for a new growth philosophy, and more.

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