Why attend A/E/C PeopleMAX?

You get SOLUTIONS to the HOTTEST Employee Recruiting and Retention Problems from the Architecture and Engineering Industry’s Top Firms and Experts


  1. Build a talent pipeline connecting your firm to a deep pool of skilled designers and engineers
  2. Learn how to create an employee advocate team to attract the best architecture and engineering professionals to your firm
  3. Improve your client-facing brand by enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion
  4. Forge winning long-term relationships with prime candidates, using techniques proven at architecture and engineering industry giants
  5. Change the recruiting experience to make it painless for both sides 
  6. Get ahead of 2020 recruiting and retention challenges 
  7. Keep your social media job postings from coming back to bite you in court
  8. Reach the 85% of hot potential candidates who aren’t looking for a new opportunity—yet
  9. Structure offers that beat other firms—without breaking the bank
  10. Learn how the most successful firms have solved the millennial leadership crisis.
  11. Interact with A/E/C industry leaders eager to share their best practices and the latest strategies for success in a tight labor market.

BONUS REASON: You Take No Risk! 
A/E/C PeopleMAX is about giving you the tools to find, recruit, and engage the talent your firm needs to meet growth and profit targets.
If for any reason we can’t do that for your firm, simply let us know. We will issue you a refund or arrange for you to attend another
PSMJ event at no cost.


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