What Separates Great In-House Training Programs From The Rest?

DOWNLOAD THIS E-BOOK AND LEARN ABOUT THE FOLLOWING: We all know about the importance of professional development…for employee retention, client satisfaction, and ultimately company performance.  As such, many A/E firms have taken to developing in-house universities as their primary vehicle for professional development.  But, don’t mistake that to mean that developing an in-house training program is easy.  Getting it right takes significant time and significant investment…or does it?

In this one-of-a-kind original research, PSMJ presents the findings of our in-house training program study of 76 architecture and engineering firms ranging in size from fewer than 50 to more than 5,000 employees.  We drilled down to exactly what makes these programs tick and uncovered answers to these and many other critical questions:

  • Do larger firms really have more effective in-house training programs?
  • Is there a correlation between capital investment and training effectiveness?
  • What is the single biggest factor that impacts training effectiveness?
  • What subject areas are the biggest focus in in-house training programs?
  • How do A/E firms measure the effectiveness of their training?
  • And much more!

 Don’t invest another penny in your in-house training program until you read this complimentary report that includes our research findings as well as detailed case studies from three leading A/E firms.